# Question Game Account Code
1 What's the main difference? You will install the game from our account. You will install the game with a code from your account.
2 Is there any risk? Never! Never!
3 Are games Global? Yes. Yes.
4 Can i play games from my own xbox profile? Yes. Yes.
5 Do I get in-game trophies and save them in my own profile? Yes. Yes.
6 Can I buy in-game purchase from my own account? Yes. Yes.
7 What is the warranty period for the games? LIFETIME! LIFETIME!
8 Is that safe? Yes. Yes.

As seen above, with Game account, you install the game from our account. As it is known, you install the code by activating the game code from your own account. So that's the difference only.

Version for Digital Xbox Account

You receive the game by email as a xbox account, and you can download it from the Microsoft Store. Once you’ve logged back into your own Xbox account, you may play the game ALWAYS with your own account or with other player’s account on your Xbox system.
  • The warranty period for all games is LIFETIME!
  • There is no distinction between our digital games and CD-based games.
  • Each game is ORIGINAL.
  • Each game is global. You can play from all countries. There are no restrictions.
  • With your own XBOX Profile, you may get all trophies, and more.
  • You will receive your XBOX account through email within 0-60 minutes during our regular business hours.

Version on CD

If you purchase the CD version, it will be sent within 1-2 weeks to the address you provided.      
Usually your order will be delivered within 60 minutes after placing your order (in our working hours).  
  • Never change the account’s email or password.
  • Never share your account details with anothers.
  • Never try to install the game to ANOTHER Xbox Console.
  • You must play the game from your personal Xbox account.
  • You can only Install the game ONE XBOX console at ONE time.
  • If your Xbox console change, If your Xbox corrupted or broken, it is not our responsibility to do so.
  • You need to start to download the game within 48 hours.
All our xbox games are under warranty. The warranty period is LIFETIME!  
24/7. And you can contact us anytime via e-mail ([email protected]) or support ticket. We will reply you instantly when we get back.  

NO. All our games are GLOBAL and you can play without any restrictions. It is no different from CD games.


Completely reliable and completely zero risk. Because all accounts belong to Buyonline.Games and are not taken from anywhere else. So it is completely legal.

All of our games are purchased from our accounts and all of our games are licensed. Therefore, it does not involve any risk.  
Such a thing never happens. All our accounts are legal and belong to BuyOnline.Games. Therefore, there is no risk.  
It varies by game. In the description section of the games, it is stated which languages are available. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add any languages other than these languages.  
All games sold by Buyonline.Games have warranty for LIFETIME.  
Yes you can.  
Yes you can.  


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We offer you the most reliable transfer method. That's why there is no such thing.
You can buy up to 1,000,000 coins at a time. To be safe, you should not buy again within 24 hours.
After placing your order, your transaction will be completed within 0-2 hours.
Unfortunately no. We offer you Fifa coins at very cheap prices. That's why we can't cover the cost of EA Tax.
Yeah. Depending on the amount of Fifa coins you will receive, a very small amount of fifa coins may need to be in your account. For details, you can contact us via live chat.
  • After you place your order and pay with the payment method suitable for you, we make your transfer via live chat.
  • You buy the player we will specify from the transfer market and put it on the market for a price that we will determine.
  • Then we buy this player as much as the amount of Fifa coin you want to buy and transfer the coin to you.
No. If you wish, you can purchase as a member of our site, or you can complete your orders as a guest user.