Cheap Xbox Series S Games –Potential Release Date for Elder Scrolls 6 Leaked

Cheap Xbox Series S Games

Cheap Xbox Series S Games –Potential Release Date for Elder Scrolls 6 Leaked

Fans of the Elder Scrolls series may have to wait a little while longer for the next installment. Recent Xbox documents show a potential 10-year development time for the game. The last game in the series, Skyrim, has been out for almost 12 years now. However, the process of game development is no easy feat. So, that is even more the case for a title as big as the Elder Scrolls. We might have to sit and play cheap Xbox Series S games for an even longer time now.

Cheap Xbox Series S Games – Source of the Leak

Details of the potential release date were found in a complaint against Microsoft’s plans to buy Activision Blizzard. The document says that a redacted “forthcoming title” from a key series may take up to a decade to develop. According to an anonymous Microsoft exec, other AAA games can take even longer than that.

Key Estimates from IGN’s Executive Editor

Many people think that the redacted game in the documents may be The Elder Scrolls VI. IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey tweeted that Todd Howard confirmed to him a year and a half ago that the game was in pre-production at the time.

McCaffrey says pre-production and full production of the game can take a total of 10 years. So, full production might begin in late 2023 or early 2024.

However, this is just speculation, and the redacted game could potentially be something entirely different. So fans of the series may still have to wait several more years for any confirmation.

Xbox Winning Against PS5?

The potential release of Elder Scrolls 6 on PS5 has also been a topic of discussion. The game was announced at E3 in 2018. However, there has been no confirmation of which platforms it will be released on. However, recent documents share some info on the matter.

Last week, a Microsoft lawyer said that “Microsoft has decided to keep two future releases exclusive to compete with Sony’s catalog of well-established exclusive games”.

This statement suggests that Microsoft plans to release two exclusive titles to compete with Sony’s exclusive games. So, Elder Scrolls 6 could be one of them too.

Cheap Xbox Series S Games – A Lot of Anticipation to Work With

The amount of hype that exists around Elder Scrolls 6 right now is quite amazing. The game is surely going to break a lot of records on its release too.

At least, that is what we are hoping for as avid fans of the series. The recent update suggesting multiplayer mode in the game is also a huge step in the right direction.

So, we continue to wait patiently, just like everyone else. In the meanwhile, you can indulge yourself in some cheap Xbox Series S games too.

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