Could Starfield Also Meet the Same Fate as Redfall?

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Could Starfield Also Meet the Same Fate as Redfall?

Redfall turned out to be a massive flop for Xbox, and it is still suffering from its negative effects. The community is unhappy with the game, and at one point it was among the games with the lowest ratings ever! However, there is a new title to worry about now, and that is Starfield. Of course, if history is anything to go by, people are concerned, and rightfully so. Gamers wonder if Starfield will also turn out to be another Redfall and feel like cheap Xbox Series S games.

Microsoft Does Not Agree, and Here’s Why

Of course, hearing the full story is what we are here for, and Microsoft does have a lot to say. Phil Spencer, the chief of Xbox says that it has to do with the way they acquire studios.

In an interview with Kinda Funny XCast, he said, “When we acquire studios, there are games that are in development, and then there are things that are either really early in development or not even conceived yet.”

He also went on to say, “I think we need to improve in engaging with games that are mid-way through production when they become part of Xbox.”

Cheap Xbox Series S Games – Redfall and Starfield Comparison

Spencer also compared the way Xbox handled the studios behind Starfield and Redfall. According to him, Microsoft did not have any real interaction with Arkane Austin about Redfall when they bought it.

So, this led to a lot of issues in the final build of the game. They could have avoided them if Microsoft had more presence. On the other hand, Spencer says that Microsoft had a lot of engagement with Bethesda about Starfield.

He says that it was in early development at the time of Bethesda’s Acquisition. So, they were part of the process a lot more and “did a better job” when it came to Starfield.

A Lot is Hinging on the Success of Starfield

There is no denying the fact that Microsoft has a lot at stake when it comes to Starfield. The game is not only one of the biggest releases of 2023, but it affects the company in other ways too.

Given Redfall’s failure to impress, people want a good reason to stick with the Series consoles. The blue team has several great titles out this year, and the green team needs something to stay competitive.

All that does not even begin to address the obvious fact that Microsoft has poured billions into its acquisition deals. Getting a return on that investment is crucial in making sure that Xbox remains profitable and competitive.

Cheap Xbox Series S Games – Summing Up

We are quite hopeful that Microsoft will be able to pull through with the release of Starfield. Otherwise, it might quickly fall among cheap Xbox Series S games, and there are much better options there already like NFS Unbound.

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