EA CEO Confirms There is a Sequel to Cal’s Jedi Adventure

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EA CEO Confirms There is a Sequel to Cal’s Jedi Adventure

Following the success of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, fans can expect an epic third part to conclude the series. The game’s ending left fans eager for more, and EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, has recently shown his enthusiasm for having the character Cal Kestis, in future Xbox Series S games.

Xbox Series S Games – CEO’s Interest in Expanding the Jedi Franchise

During a first-quarter earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson shared his excitement about the chance of making more Jedi games.

Wilson stated, “Our teams are always thinking about new experiences we can create. I would love to see more in the Jedi franchise over time. It’s an extraordinary game that tells an extraordinary story.”

With such positive remarks from the CEO himself, a sequel to the game seems quite likely.

The Journey So Far

Survivor expands Cal Kestis’ quest as he evades the Empire’s forces. The game’s climax set the stage for the next chapter in Cal’s story.

While the details of the upcoming game remain a mystery, fans eagerly want a good conclusion to Cal’s saga within the vast and epic Star Wars galaxy.

EA Faces Competition

Ubisoft’s upcoming game, Star Wars Outlaws, promises to explore new criminal elements of the Star Wars universe. Unlike EA’s Jedi-centered games, Outlaws will focus on Jedi-less stories within an open-world setting.

As EA contemplates the next chapter for Cal Kestis, they must also contend with the arrival of Ubisoft’s rival release.

Survivor Coming to Last Gen Consoles

Exciting news for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners! Survivor, initially released for next-gen consoles, will soon be available on the previous-generation platforms.

EA recognizes the demand from fans and is actively developing ports for the last-gen consoles, ensuring that more players can experience Cal’s thrilling adventure.

The Road Ahead

With the resounding success of Survivor, EA is eager to continue Cal’s journey and provide fans with more Jedi action. The CEO’s remarks strongly indicate that a third game is likely to bring Cal’s story to its conclusion.

As Ubisoft ventures into new Star Wars territory with Outlaws, Cal Kestis remains a beloved character whose adventure fans eagerly anticipate. The future looks bright for Star Wars Jedi games, and fans can expect more thrilling experiences in the galaxy far, far away.

Xbox Series S Games – Big Hopes for the Future

The news of a new game in this series is certainly great, and we are quite excited about it. Of course, it will take quite some time for it to come out. Also, we will still need to see if it meets the high standards already set for it.

However, fans can spend plenty of time with the current option, and there is plenty to explore still. So, while you wait, get yourself a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You will see that it is still one of the best Xbox Series S games.

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