FIFA 23 5-Star Players to Boost FIFA 23 Coins PS4 Earnings

FIFA 23 coins PS4

FIFA 23 5-Star Players to Boost FIFA 23 Coins PS4 Earnings

Players with 5-star skills have become important in games. These are players that are not yet heroes or icons but have the potential. It is all a matter of time before these players get into the EA Sports databases. For a better perspective, we will look at players in the bronze, silver, and gold categories with 5-star skills at the beginning of FIFA 23. You should pay attention to these players because they can boost your FIFA 23 coins PS4 earnings.

Silver 5-Star Players to Invest in to Earn More FIFA 23 Coins PS4

These players are some of the most desirable in the game. There are a total of 48 of them. 5-star skilled players in the silver card category include Rojas, Mcgeady, Cherki, Barrow, and Sahraoui. For the most part, people do not pay much attention to these players of the erroneous assumption that they are not very useful.

Unfortunately, they are very useful and can earn you more FIFA 23 coins PS4, especially if you decide to participate in silver challenges. It is worth mentioning that these 5-star cards are Meta in FIFA but you cannot use them with their low stats and pace unless you upgrade them.

However, having them in your collection will pay off in the long run. That is because EA understands the importance and usability of 5-star skills. With time, they will add more of these players to icons and heroes.

Common Gold 5-Star Players to Invest in

Cesinha is a gold 5-star skilled player with a 75-rating card and good stats. If this player is in your collection, you can improve him significantly by giving him a good boost. There is also Maxim who is a Romanian card. For this particular card, you can skip it because it will not do you much good.

Silas is another good 5-star FIFA 23 player card with a decent 75 rating. However, he is not usable at the beginning because he has a two to three-star weak foot. Nevertheless, he is popular within the community and has the potential to get more value with promos as the year runs out.

Other player cards in the gold 5-star rating include Ribery, David Neres, Corona, and Saint-Maximum. These are budget-friendly 5-star gold player cards you can invest your FIFA 23 coins PS4 on.

Elite FIFA 23 5-Star Players 

When you start playing FIFA 23, you should focus on earning more coins to be able to afford elite players. While there are not many high-end cards with 5-star skills, you can still get a good number to add to your team.

Vinicius JR. is one of the players in this category with the biggest upgrades that earned him an 86 rating. He has great stats and you can buy off this player with enough FIFA 23 coins PS4. Others include Mbappe, Neymar, and Ronaldo.


These are 5-star skilled players you should look out for. You can add them to your team to boost your gaming performance. Ensure you have adequate FIFA 23 coins PS4 to buy these players. If you do not have enough, you can buy them from

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