Hidden Conversation Hints at Future of Franchise

Xbox Series S Games

Hidden Conversation Hints at Future of Franchise

A veteran player of the epic game Dead Island 2 has found a new secret dialogue. This unique conversation in the game can only be heard at night and in one location. The recent sequel to Dead Island takes the zombie franchise to Los Angeles and gives fans a huge new map to scour for hidden lore and loot. So, it is easy to see why it’s still one of the top Xbox Series S games you can play.

Xbox Series S Games – Long Road to Launch

Dead Island 2 finally came out in April 2023, over a decade after the last game in the series. The game was first revealed in 2014, but it saw years of delays and struggles. However, after a long wait, the sequel came out with positive reviews from critics and fans. The game sold over 2 million copies in its first month.

Months later, secrets are still being found in its huge open world. Reddit user u/jonatanthecuban posted a video of the dialogue at the Venice Beach bar at night. This hidden conversation rewards the fact that some players will explore even in total darkness.

Secret Dialogue Discovered

The dialogue shows NPCs talking about escape plans from the city. One intends to retreat to Samoa and hopes the islands remain a “dead island free” haven if the virus spreads.

The repeated “dead island” mentions are called out by another NPC, who asks why they keep saying the name. This moment sparks speculation that the chat hints at future games.

Clues to the Future?

Specifically, the emphasis on the virus reaching the Samoan islands seems like huge foreshadowing. Many fans now theorize it suggests a Pacific setting for Dead Island 3 or DLC.

While nothing is clear yet, the hidden dialogue clearly plants the seeds for the future. Players can visit Venice Beach at night to judge the possible clues for themselves.

Community Continues Exploring

Over 10 years since the last game, the Dead Island community persists in mining the sequel for more secrets. This hidden conversation shows their dedication to uncovering every narrative nugget, wherever it lurks in the massive city.

Deep Silver no doubt planted such details to reward the endless curiosity of players. Though the dialogue offers no tangible reward like rare loot, it may be a roadmap to the franchise’s future.

Xbox Series S Games – So Much to Uncover

Dead Island 2‘s launch is only the beginning. As players keep scouring its dark corners, who knows what other secrets remain buried? For now, the mystery and speculation continue, but devoted franchise fans will surely decipher all the clues in time. The game is clearly not going to slow down anytime soon, and that bodes well for the next title as well. If you are looking for fun and thrilling Xbox Series S games, then this title is an easy pick.

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