Online Xbox Series X Games – Limiting Your Child’s Gaming Time

online xbox series x games

Online Xbox Series X Games – Limiting Your Child’s Gaming Time

Developing healthy gaming habits is crucial to total well-being. Unfortunately, children find it hard to understand when you tell them they cannot play games at a particular time. While there is nothing wrong with playing online Xbox Series X games, it can get pretty addictive if you do not watch them.

It is even more so for children, which is why you must curb their gaming time. So, how do you do this? This post looks at a guide on how to reduce gaming time for your child. Let’s get right into the enlightening details.

#1: Set Time Limits for Playing Online Xbox Series X Games

The first step in setting time limits for your child when it comes to playing online Xbox Series X games is to track their screen time. How long do they spend playing games? You will find native apps on smartphones to help you track their phone activities.

Also, you can set up Digital Well-being on your Android or check out Screen Time on your iOS device. If you are not comfortable with how long they spend playing games, you should set time limits and help them to stick to them. You can also set Wi-Fi and data limits to prevent them from playing beyond the time limits.

#2: Only Allow Supervised Gaming Time

Leaving your child unsupervised is dangerous. You have to keep a tab on them to monitor their general activities. Not all video games are age-appropriate for children. Therefore, stay and supervise them as they play online Xbox Series X games.

Observing them will help you understand the kind of games they play. You can differentiate between Fortnite and Candy Crush. You will also enjoy the benefits of spending time with your child.

#3: Check for Signs of Victory or Defeat

Multiplayer games encourage gamers to keep playing when a match is over. It is easy for them to jump into a new match immediately after they end one. If you do know what the screen looks like after a game ends, it becomes difficult to set a boundary.

Learn the different signs of victory or defeat and stop your child if the plan is to stop playing after the completion of the current game. 

#4: Watch Out for the Tracker or Quest Log on the Online Xbox Series X Games they are playing

Many children prefer open-world video games with unique locations, enemies to conquer, and quests to complete. Many of these games do not have clear endings, such as World of Warcraft. If your child is playing such online Xbox games without clear endings, you need to focus on the quest log.

This lets you know what quest your child has to complete. Let your child pick a quest or choose one together. Once they achieve the objective, they are done playing for the day.


Finally, keep your child active. Slouching over the couch playing online Xbox Series X games all day will affect their physical fitness. Therefore, consider incorporating sixty minutes of physical activity for every sixty minutes they spend playing games. With this, you prioritize their physical fitness.

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