Rain World is Coming to Xbox One, and There’s a DLC Too!

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Rain World is Coming to Xbox One, and There’s a DLC Too!

VIDEOCULT and Akupara Games launched Rain World on PC in January this year. The game is quite popular now, and that is all due to the fun gameplay it offers. Thankfully, it is now going to be available on Xbox consoles as well as on other platforms. So, we must ask, could it also be one of the cheapest Xbox One games too?

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Downpour DLC

The major announcement that we need to share here is that the game is going to have a DLC available as well. The initial game came out in 2017, and that should give you an idea of its success. So, the new DLC, Downpour will expand on all the great parts of the game and offer more content. Thankfully, this DLC will also be available on the same day for all platforms, and that is July 11.

What is Rain World All About?

This game takes you on a unique adventure as you find yourself playing as a slugcat. You live in a rotten world where you need to pray but also watch out for predators. Survive by finding good in the waste and keep yourself safe from hungry and hunting creatures in the area.

This is an adventure unlike any other, and the simple design of the game makes it all the more fun. So, for any console owner, this title makes for the perfect relaxation experience as well. Of course, things may get hairy every so often, and that is when you will need your A game!

What Does the Game Offer?

There are plenty of cool features in the game as well, and you can expect to see the following.

Endless Exploration

The game offers hundreds of maps that you can play and each one has its own unique look as well. So, you can find useful items in the waste and use them for your benefit in many ways. These items also change with the theme of the game.

New Characters and Endings

With the DLC, users will have five new characters to play with as well, along with the original, of course. Each of them adds a new dimension to the game as they have their own unique abilities as well. The gameplay style also gets different with each one, and you also get to see their stories and endings.

Local Co-op Mode

Perhaps the best new thing in the DLC is the option to play local co-op mode. This makes the gum super fun for anyone who wants to enjoy it with their friends on their couch.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – A Game to Look Forward to

So, Rain World and its DLC Downpour are both games that we are looking forward to playing when they launch. Of course, you also have other cheapest Xbox One games to play in the meanwhile, and we suggest you give It Takes Two a try.

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