Short Wait Time for Diablo 5 After Teaser from Blizzard

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Short Wait Time for Diablo 5 After Teaser from Blizzard

Great news for fans of demon-slaying action RPGs – Diablo 5 is already being hinted at by Blizzard. Players may not have to wait nearly as long for the next game as they did between previous entries. It seems that their dreams of having multiple amazing Xbox Series S games from the series will soon be a reality.

Xbox Series S Games – Diablo 4 a Major Success Despite Controversies

This year’s Diablo 4 generated huge revenue, raking in $666 million within five days of launch. It easily outsold the mobile Diablo title in just a week. The game continues getting updates like patches and bug fixes.

However, Diablo 4 had its share of issues, too. Fans complained about bans for harmless mods and numerous glitches, including one that deleted a streamer’s 173 hours of progress. Many criticisms targeted developer Blizzard.

Supporters hope the next sequel improves on Diablo 4’s bumpy start. Excitingly, a shorter wait than last time may be in store.

Fifth Game Teased as Arriving Sooner

Diablo 3 released back in 2012 but fans waited over a decade for a follow-up with Diablo 4 this year. But Blizzard boss Mike Ybarra suggests this long gap won’t repeat.

In an interview, Ybarra said fans “won’t have to wait so long between [Diablo] titles.” He referenced plans for “Diablo 4 and beyond,” hinting Diablo 5 is already in the works and could arrive much sooner than another 10 years.

Xbox Series S Games – Fans are Eager but Wary

This news likely pleases antsy Diablo devotees. However, Diablo 4’s troubled launch makes some skeptical of sequels coming quickly. More development time may help avoid issues.

But with hints already dropped, Blizzard seems confident about accelerating the iconic franchise’s timeline. They surely aim to build on Diablo 4’s financial success with an improved next-gen experience.

What Could Diablo 5 Bring?

Theoretically, Diablo 5 development is well underway. So, people want to know what new features it might include. There are a lot of possible things that we can expect, like more character classes and customization, larger open-world areas, co-op for the full campaign, and more.

Other features are also on people’s lists, and they include next-gen graphics and physics, bigger PVP multiplayer modes, and we can’t forget cross-platform play.

Of course, it could also revisit nostalgic elements from Diablo 2 that fans crave. Blizzard would be smart to focus on giving a gameplay that does not have bugs.

Next Game in the Series Could Arrive Sooner Than Expected

For now, these potential additions are purely rumors and fan wishes. However, with hints pointing to Diablo 5’s quick arrival, the next chapter in the demonic story also comes closer. So, whenever it drops, ardent fans will be ready to dive back into Sanctuary once more. In the meanwhile, they can choose to play the Xbox Series S games already here, like the current Diablo 4 game.

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