Starfield Fans Plan Sick Days and Predict Death Times

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Starfield Fans Plan Sick Days and Predict Death Times

Starfield, the upcoming space-exploration game by Bethesda, has fans eagerly anticipating its release. With over 1,000 planets to explore, the game promises to be an open-galaxy behemoth, rather than just an open-world RPG. Some fans have already started planning their perfect sick days for the release. Now that’s how you buy Xbox Series X games right?

Buy Xbox Series X Games – Difficulty Finding Time to Game

Firstly, finding time to game can be difficult with work, school, family commitments, and social plans. For a game as massive as Starfield, that difficulty is compounded.

Bethesda has teased that New Atlantis is the biggest city they’ve ever created, and the Star Map might just be the largest in-game map ever seen.

With over 1,000 planets to explore, 10% of which will have signs of life, players will have an incredible 100 in-depth planets to explore. The sheer size of the game can be overwhelming, making it a dizzying thought to try and tackle it.

Fans Planning Sick Days

Secondly, some fans are so excited for Starfield’s release that they have already started planning their perfect sick-day excuses.

Reddit user thebutler97 shared, “Who else is scheduling time off for launch day? Just pulled the trigger on my PTO request for 1 September through 8, and don’t regret it at all. I did the same for Elden Ring last year and Red Dead Redemption 2 a few years before that. Some might say it’s a silly thing to spend a week of time off on, but the idea of watching the clock all day while waiting to play sounds maddening to me.”

Unique Excuses

Thirdly, other fans are getting creative with their excuses. Reddit user Klutzy_Helicopter635 said, “I’m already feeling myself coming down with some sickness that will make me miss school.”

To that, Jaded-Ad-7751 replied, “Here’s [one] for you: ‘Many astronauts suddenly feel as if they are upside-down or may even have difficulty sensing the location of their own arms and legs. This disorientation is described as Space Adaptation Syndrome (SAS) and is widely recognized as the main cause of Space Motion Sickness (SMS).'”

Buy Xbox Series X Games – Retirement Age Fans Excited

Finally, retirement age fans, who no longer have to deal with school or work commitments, are just as excited as younger fans for the release of Starfield. The hype around the game is incredible, and Bethesda has a captive audience. Now, they just need to deliver a solid product for the fans.

A Lot of Excitement Ahead

In conclusion, Starfield is shaping up to be a massive space exploration game that has fans eager. With over 1,000 planets to explore and an open galaxy, players will have their work cut out for them. So, if you are planning to buy Xbox Series X games then keep this title in mind. You can also spend money on other cool titles out recently, like Street Fighter 6.

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