Starfield Won’t Offer Any Means of Landing on Planets

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Starfield Won’t Offer Any Means of Landing on Planets

Todd Howard, the director of Starfield, has recently provided some new information about the upcoming action role-playing game. In this article, we will take a closer look at the details, including the absence of land vehicles and creatures for transportation on planets. How will this affect the fate of one of the biggest online Xbox Series X games?

Online Xbox Series X Games – No Land Vehicles or Creatures

According to Howard, Starfield will not feature any land vehicles or creatures for transportation on planets. Instead, players will be able to traverse planets quicker using the boost pack.

Suits will play an important role in dealing with the various traits of planetary biomes, as some planets have a single biome while others have several of them.

Ship Building and Outposts

Howard also says that stolen ships are modifiable, though they first need registration to do so. Basic changes are possible earlier on, and deeper ship-building will be more of a late-game system.

Outposts are another “deep system” like advanced ship building, where players can start up quick outposts earlier in the game, while the more intricate aspects are available later. You can also create resources and trade routes between outposts to generate an economy.

Side Quests and NPCs

Starfield’s side quests will not be the typical “kill ten things, get the item, turn in for reward” format. Howard stated that there will be ones that aren’t simply that.

Regarding NPC companions, Howard said that technically, there are enough robot companions to crew your ship with no need for human companions.

However, if players choose for the latter to tag along, they’ll express their likes and dislikes over the choices made. There are only four romance options available in Starfield, which are the four main Constellation ones.

Alien Life Forms

With respect to the alien life form inhabiting some of the planets, Howard said that the game would feature both hostile and docile alien creatures, and they can attack each other in addition to the player.

Radio and Fishing

Howard also says that space radios exist, but he says that it is only available in one local area. Fishing will not be a feature in Starfield, and only about 10% of the game’s planets have life on them.

Online Xbox Series X Games – Conclusion

In conclusion, Starfield will not feature land vehicles or creatures for transportation on planets. So, players will have to rely on the boost pack to move around. So, it is certain that there might be some reaction to it from players after launch.

However, if things go well, it could manage to give a solid experience still. So, let us wait for its launch, and in the meanwhile, enjoy other online Xbox Series X games. One great option right now is Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

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