The Cost of Burgers in Starfield Raises Eyebrows

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The Cost of Burgers in Starfield Raises Eyebrows

Starfield is a game where you can explore space and have adventures. It is made by Bethesda, the same company that made Skyrim and Fallout. Some people are excited about this game, but others are not happy.

They have different reasons for being unhappy. One reason is that the game will not run very fast on some consoles. Another reason is that the game’s economy seems to be out of balance.

This means that some things in the game are too cheap or too expensive. Could it be that it is actually worth one or more Xbox One games?

Xbox One Games – What is the Burger Problem?

One thing that some fans think is too expensive is the burger. Burgers are a food item that you can buy or find in the game. The burger in question is a patty melt and it looks very delicious.

However, it also costs a lot of money as well. One Patty Melt has a value of 295 credits in the game. Credits are the money that you use to buy things in Starfield.

Comparing Burgers with Spaceships?

The problem with the Patty Melt’s price is that it does not make sense when you compare it to other things in the game. For example, you can also buy or find spaceships in Starfield.

Spaceships are very important because they are your primary means of visiting different planets and stars. They are also very big and complex machines that should cost a lot of money.

But one spaceship, called the Ecliptic Stiletto II, has a value of only 19,054 credits in the game. That is not much more than 65 Patty Melts. That does not seem fair.

Fans of the Game are Curious and Concerned

Some fans think that there might be a reason for this strange pricing. Maybe the Patty Melt is a very rare and special food that is hard to get in the game.

The spaceship could also be a very common and simple machine that is easy to get in the game. Otherwise, maybe the game’s economy will change before the game comes out and the prices will be more realistic.

Or maybe the fans are just overthinking it and it does not matter how much things cost in Starfield.

Xbox One Games – The Situation Could Change

Starfield is a game that has many fans and many critics. So, having fans worry about how the game will work and how it will look is serious. The worries about the game’s economy and how it will affect their gameplay hold a lot of importance.

They think that some things, like burgers, are too expensive and some things, like spaceships, are too cheap. They hope that this will not ruin their enjoyment of Starfield when it comes out.

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