The Outer Worlds 2 May Feature Multiplayer, Evidence Reveals

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The Outer Worlds 2 May Feature Multiplayer, Evidence Reveals

Obsidian Entertainment, the Xbox Series X games developer of The Outer Worlds, is working on a sequel to their sci-fi RPG. The Outer Worlds 2 first hit the eyes of the public at E3 2021, but we still do not know much about the game. However, some new info suggests that the game may have multiplayer as well.

This is from a job listing posted by Obsidian on its website. The studio is looking for a senior network programmer who would help them create “multiplayer gameplay systems using Unreal Engine.” The listing does not mention The Outer Worlds 2 by name, but it is likely that it is for this game.

Xbox Series X Games – Likelihood Explained

Obsidian is working on three projects right now, and two of them are already public: Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2. Avowed is a fantasy RPG set in the world of Pillars of Eternity, and it uses Unreal Engine (UE) 5.

The Outer Worlds 2 is also a UE game, but it uses UE4. The third project is a mystery game that uses the Unity engine, as per an old job listing.

Therefore, it is OK to assume that the position is for The Outer Worlds 2, since Avowed has no multiplayer elements and the Unity project is not a UE game. This means that The Outer Worlds 2 could have some sort of multiplayer mode, which would be a huge addition to the game.

Expanding on the Original

The Outer Worlds was a single player RPG that focused on story, choice, and exploration. It was famous for its witty style, fun characters, and immersive world.

However, some fans also wished that they could share their adventures with their friends. If The Outer Worlds 2 has multiplayer too, it could offer a more social and dynamic experience for players.

Of course, this is not a sure thing yet, and Obsidian may have other plans for the multiplayer systems. It is also possible that the job listing is for a different project that has not been announced yet. Until Obsidian reveals more details about The Outer Worlds 2, fans will have to wait and speculate.

The PlayStation Possibility

Another interesting possibility is that The Outer Worlds 2 could come to PlayStation consoles despite being from Microsoft. A recent leak suggests that the game could be coming to PlayStation. This would be surprising since Microsoft usually keeps its first-party games exclusive to Xbox and PC.

However, Microsoft can be flexible when it comes to multiplayer games. Call of Duty and Fallout 76 are available on PlayStation as well. Perhaps The Outer Worlds 2 could follow a similar path if it has multiplayer elements.

Xbox Series X Games – Pleasant Surprise

Players of the original game certainly want to have an online mode in the second game. So, if Obsidian does deliver, then it would be a huge surprise. In the meantime, they can play other Xbox Series X games that already offer this feature, like Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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