Top 5 Highest-Rated Players to Buy with FIFA Coins Xbox One

FIFA coins xbox one

Top 5 Highest-Rated Players to Buy with FIFA Coins Xbox One

With the launch of FIFA 23, fans are on the lookout for the best and highest-rated players to add to their lineups. Thankfully, you can purchase all of them using FIFA Coins Xbox One. Following the launch of the game, ten players were rated 90 and above. Here are the top five on the list.

Cristiano Ronaldo: 90 Rating

While many of his critics would say his lack of mobility and pressing was a significant reason for the poor campaign of Manchester United the previous year, the player made it to the top ten and even the top five.

Some of his fans would also argue that the veteran player still scored a decent twenty-four goals during the previous term considering his dysfunctional team. Regardless of the critics’ opinions, EA Sports regards Cristiano Ronaldo as one of the top highest-rated players in the football world and the best finisher, with a shooting rating of 92.

If you are considering investing your FIFA Coins Xbox One, this is a player you may want to consider buying.

Manuel Neuer: 90 Rating

The Bayern Munich player is undoubtedly one of the best keepers in the game, with a steady rating of 90 from the previous year. Well, no one can argue this fact because the 36-year-old player looks as strong as ever as he maintains the Bundesliga title for ten consecutive times with Bayern. Buying Manuel with your FIFA Coins Xbox One is surely a good investment.

Virgil Van Dijk: 90 Rating

While Virgil Van Dijk has performed his best with some unexpected shaky performances so far, it is pretty hard to find many faults with his performance last season. It is worth mentioning that his impressive performance last season was after his long injury lay-off.

Dijk remains superior as ever as Liverpool gunned the quadruple the previous season. He is surely a good player to invest some FIFA coins Xbox One on at the moment.

Thibaut Courtois: 90 Rating

Following his show-stopping performance in the last season of the Champions League final, Thibaut Courtois felt slighted that a magazine did not include his name in the list of the best goalkeepers. According to him, it is more of a lack of respect than anything else.

Well, even if the magazine did not recognize his pedigree, EA Sports does and it is little wonder he made it to the list of the highest-rated players in the game. He is sure a player to spend your FIFA coins Xbox One on when creating your lineup.

Mohamed Salah: 90 Rating

Finally on the list is the Egyptian King, who deserves the spot of the best player in the world. Mohamed Salah was on fire during the first half of the previous season. He made an impressive performance as his team competed outstandingly on four fronts.


There you have the best five highest-rated players on FIFA 23 you can add to your list of players. We recommend you use your FIFA coins Xbox One judiciously and not be too star-struck to add everyone to your game.


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