What Xbox One Games do People Play the Most?

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What Xbox One Games do People Play the Most?

Although the new Xbox Series X has several glowing reviews and remains in the limelight, Xbox One is still functional. While it may not have the buzz around the PS5 or the momentum of the Switch, it still delivers on its promises of entertainment and fun. One good thing about this console is its exceptional game catalog. You will find adventurous and highly entertaining Xbox One games to keep you glued to your screen for hours. If you have a Game Pass subscription, you get access to over 100 game titles on your Xbox One.

Highlights of the Best Xbox One Games

Are you ready to relive classics and play co-op with your friends as you explore the chaos of battle royale games? Your Xbox One games will deliver everything you need to you. Here are some of the best game titles that people play the most.

#1: Sunset Overdrive

This is an explosive kind of action game featuring wild and furious actions. Its combat options and excellent movement system with a vivid color palette make it a game you want to get lost in.

Sunset Overdrive features open worlds, acrobatic movement, and goofy aesthetics synonymous with the cult classic. It is undoubtedly one of the top Xbox One games most people play now.

#2: The Outer Worlds

The sci-fi RPG game is set in creative and colorful open worlds. It features memorable characters, cute alien lizardfish, and tough choices. You get to play as a colonist almost abandoned by one of the several organizations ruling outer space.

You have a choice of staying with the corporation looking to colonize and tame space or joining forces with dissidents looking for a life outside corporate slavery. Alternatively, you can build your path and take your destiny into your hands.

#3: Felix the Reaper

When you combine gruesome and charming, you can only expect the unexpected. Felix the Reaper is a role-playing game where you play the role of an always-dancing, gleeful Grim Reaper called Felix. Your primary task is to organize situations to destroy poor mortals.

The game plays out against the background of thoughtful puzzles and funky beats. As you dance around, you must stay in the shadows and avoid the sun. The exhilarating fun you experience while playing explains why it is one of the best Xbox One games played by many Xbox gamers.

#4: A Way Out

The game requires you to execute a carefully thought-through plan to escape prison, and you must execute it alone. The game features some exciting and tense scenarios, including hiding in a laundry hamper and climbing a shaft. You will enjoy every minute you play this exciting game.

#5: Cuphead

Themed around black-and-white cartoons, this game is beautiful, fast, and tricky. Cuphead is a clear indication that 2D is very must still in style. It is an aesthetically impressive game you will find on Xbox One. Its simplicity makes it the choice of many gamers.

Final Thought on the Best Xbox One Games 

Xbox One games continue to deliver exceptional entertainment to gamers. Whether you are an experienced or new gamer, the games highlighted in this post will entertain you. They are some of the most played games on Xbox.

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