Why GTA V is Still One of The Best Xbox One Games

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Why GTA V is Still One of The Best Xbox One Games

Grand Theft Auto V, also known as GTA V, is an action-adventure video game. The developers behind it are Rockstar North and the publisher is Rockstar Games. It was released in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and was later re-released for Xbox One in 2014. Despite being over eight years old, GTA V remains one of the best and most popular Xbox One games. In this article, we are sharing some reasons why we believe so and why most people will agree with us.

One of the Best Open World Gameplay Xbox One Games

One of the defining features of GTA V is its vast open world. The entire game is set in the fictional city of Los Santos and the surrounding countryside. Players are free to explore and interact with the world in any way they choose. This can be anything ranging from completing missions, stealing cars, or just causing chaos. You can take the vanilla route and only play the “campaign”, or you can branch out in any direction. The open world is full of activities and secrets to discover, and that can bring countless hours of replay value. All in all, the open world aspect is capable enough to make you sink hours into the game without getting bored.

Multiple Playable Characters – A Rarity Still in Xbox One Games

GTA V introduces a unique mechanic where players can switch between three different playable characters at any time. The level of depth in each of these characters is astounding to say the least. Each character has their own story and missions to complete. The ability to switch between them adds a new level of replay value to the game.

Experience Unique Online Multiplayer

GTA V is one of the first games to introduce a fully capable and mature online multiplayer mode. It allows players to team up or compete against each other in various activities and modes. The online multiplayer mode has received numerous updates and expansions over the years, keeping it fresh and exciting for players.

Top-Tier Graphics and Sound

Despite being an older game, GTA V still holds up visually and sounds great on the Xbox One. The character models, environments, and vehicles all look highly detailed. Furthermore, the game’s soundtrack has countless licensed music tracks that add to the immersion.

Constant Updates and Support

Rockstar Games is still providing support for GTA V with regular updates and expansions, adding new content to the game. This keeps the game feeling fresh and even keeps players coming back for more fun and action.

Summing Up

Overall, GTA V is still an excellent game on Xbox One. With a vast open world to explore, three unique playable characters, an immersive online multiplayer mode, high-quality graphics and sound, and constant updates and support, it is still one of the best Xbox One games out there.

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