Xbox Games Cheap – Xbox is Finally Getting a Major UI Update

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Xbox Games Cheap – Xbox is Finally Getting a Major UI Update

Xbox One and Series X|S consoles are finally getting a new UI, and it looks very familiar. The new UI is going to make accessing games and apps easier and more convenient. So, whether you play Xbox games cheap or the latest titles, it should be a great experience. Of course, these are all just claims for now, and real-world performance will only come out after it launches everywhere. In this article, we will discuss the changes in detail and what gamers can expect from the new Xbox UI.

Xbox Games Cheap – Xbox’s History of Changing User Interfaces

Firstly, over the years, Xbox dashboards have been no stranger to mixing things up. So, whether it’s the 360 blades or the modern tiled format of this generation of consoles, everyone knows them well.

For the most part, Xbox dashboards are quite easy to use as well. So, you can expect to get to most games and apps with a flick of the analog stick. This would be the case in the upcoming UI as well, and some reviews say it might be much better.

A Subtle Yet Convenient Change

Secondly, the new Xbox UI home screen is more of the same, and that is a positive thing too. Its biggest change is having more and smaller tiles on the screen now with selected items popping up.

So, more games and apps can be seen at a quick glance now than before. Surprisingly, even with more tiles on the screen due to their smaller size, you still get a better view.

There is more space now for users to marvel at their favorite background images or dynamic themes.

Quick Access Icons

Thirdly, the new and improved UI will have “quick access” icons at the top of the screen. These icons will cover your library, Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft Store, search, and settings.

This style is also what allows users to be able to see more of their cool backgrounds now. So, gamers do not even need to go into the usual parts of the Xbox dashboard now.

They can quickly get to their entire game library, and it looks like this feature will do it quite well.

Responsive Game Art

Finally, the video game dashboard tiles will have a “responsive game art feature” as well now. So, you will be able to see it when you hover over the tiles in question. Additionally, this feature will also update the background when you hover over certain games and apps.

Xbox Games Cheap – A Small but Much Needed Change

The upcoming UI for Xbox One and Series X|S isn’t a game changer. However, sometimes even a small change like the ones mentioned here can make the experience much better. So, even if you only play Xbox games cheap like The Quarry, the new UI will vastly improve your experience.

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