Xbox Games Showcase 2023 Shows Microsoft’s Imminent Return

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Xbox Games Showcase 2023 Shows Microsoft’s Imminent Return

With few new games on Xbox this year so far, and the failure of Redfall, Microsoft is in a tough spot. The fans are not happy, but it seems Xbox knows what to do about that. The recent Xbox Games Showcase event proves that it still has several cards up its sleeve, even though very few of them would be Xbox One games.

Xbox One Games – Over a Dozen New Games Announced

The event is certainly a big success, and the industry seems to agree with it as well. This is thanks to some really big announcements and gameplays that we got to see this year. Here are some of the key games that we will see come to Xbox in the coming months.

33 Immortals (Coming in 2024)

This is a co-op game where up to 33 players can join at one time. You play the role of a damned soul and fight throngs of epic monsters and challenging bosses.

Payday 3 (Coming on September 21)

Payday is one of the most popular co-op FPS games, and this latest title in the franchise is highly awaited. So, you can expect to get an adrenaline rush unlike any other game with this thrilling title.

Avowed (Coming in 2024)

This game also made a lot of waves for fun story and gameplay. You get to play as an envoy of Aedyr, and you must find out about a plague that is tearing the world apart. The game offers epic RPG gameplay and looks amazing too.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (Coming in 2024)

This one does not need much introduction, and given the success of the current game, you can expect great things from this too.  The game will be on both the next gen consoles and PC when it comes out.

Forza Motorsport (October 10)

After Starfield, if there is one game that Microsoft has high hopes for to redeem itself is this. The game will have a new career mode, solid multiplayer, and over 500 AI cars with strong AI and physics.

Person 5 Tactica (November 17)

Persona is already an established and highly popular franchise by now. So, a lot of fans are happy to see Persona 5 Tactica get a release date. This game will have a great RPG adventure and you will get to see the Phantom Thieves of Heart too.

Jusant (Fall 2023)

Even though Jusant does not have a release date, it is close, and it is the best game to relax. With a lot of meditative vibes, this new action and puzzle climber is getting a lot of hype as well.

Xbox One Games – Conclusion

To sum it up, it seems that Microsoft is fully prepared to make a strong comeback. It has all the right titles to pull that off, and we for one have strong hopes that these titles will be huge successes. Of course, Xbox One games version might not be present in most titles. However, you can still enjoy some new titles on it like Diablo 4.

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