Xbox One Games – New Dashboard Update by Microsoft

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Xbox One Games – New Dashboard Update by Microsoft

Microsoft has recently put out a new dashboard update for Xbox Insiders that includes a Friends and Community Updates tab. This is part of the efforts to make the Xbox Home experience better. The update is currently on Xbox Alpha-Skip Ahead and Alpha Insiders and will be out for users later this year. So, playing your Xbox One games with friends and family will be much more fun.

Xbox One Games – What Will the Update Bring

With this update, Xbox players can see what their friends have been up to without visiting their profiles. The Friends and Community Updates tab highlights the top three items from their activity feed.

These include screenshots, the achievement unlocks, game clips, and posts from their friends and clubs. Clicking on the tab takes them to their full activity feed or allows them to share something themselves.

Microsoft’s vision for Xbox Home focuses on highlighting the best games on Game Pass. However, the company is slowly adding new features to improve the player experience.

The cluttered feel of the new dashboard may not be appealing to everyone. However, the company is still working on refining the experience before the full public release.

Microsoft is encouraging users to test out the latest build and provide feedback to improve the player experience.

Listening to Insiders But Not Fans?

Xbox Insider feedback is key in determining which features to build and how to design a more personalized home experience. However, the gaming community is still voicing the need for more customization options and UI enhancements.

The company says it will address these issues and create a better experience. However, many fans feel that the Xbox team is not listening to their feedback.

Despite the mixed feedback from the gaming community, Microsoft continues to experiment and make changes using Xbox Insider feedback.

Recently, the company stopped its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass subscription platforms. These allowed users to try the service for $1 for the first month before upgrading to more expensive plans.

Expansion Based on Feedback Too

In February, Microsoft expanded the Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan to six more countries. So, users could have up to five friends and family members to share Game Pass Ultimate benefits.

The benefits can now be shared with plan members in all these new countries. This decision was also made using feedback from the Xbox Insider community.

Xbox One Games – Microsoft Still Has Some Work to Do

Overall, the new Friends and Community Updates tab is a step in the right direction for the Xbox Home experience. Microsoft is actively working to address the concerns of the fans and create a more personalized experience. Xbox Insiders can continue to provide feedback and suggest new features to enhance the player experience. So, you can jump between your favorite Xbox One games like The Callisto Protocol with your friends and family.

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