Xbox One Games – Player Dies to Malenia Boss 300 Times

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Xbox One Games – Player Dies to Malenia Boss 300 Times

Elden Ring’s most challenging boss, Malenia, has become a notorious name among players. There is a lot of hype around this boss in the space for this action RPG game. According to an infographic on Bandai Namco’s official website, the Malenia boss fight has been tried 329 million times. This, of course, is since the game’s release among other Xbox One games last year.

Xbox One Games –Where Does Malenia Stand?

Malenia is followed by Margit The Fell Omen, the Limgrave Tree Sentinel, Radagon of the Golden Order, and Starscourge Radahn. These are current rankings in terms of tries by players.

Interestingly, the first two bosses on this list you meet quite early in the game. So, it is likely that players often try to take them down without realizing how tough they can be.

Countless gamers do actually think of Malenia as an impossible boss. However, one player on Reddit has died 300 times while attempting to defeat her at level 144.

Despite so many defeats, the player remains ready for more. In fact, he even started to enjoy the fight after consistently reaching phase 2.

No Using Any Gimmicks!

Many players tend to discover and use the Mimic Tear item in this fight. This item can create an overpowered version of the player’s character to fight alongside them. However, this player will not be using it and is attempting to defeat Malenia 1v1 without any gimmicks.

Elden Ring’s online multiplayer allows players to bully bosses, including Malenia, and make the fight easier. However, the game’s robust nature means that there are many different methods and strategies that players can employ to win.

This includes everything from using consumables to applying new ashes of war to weapons for specific effects.

Many Interesting Figures Revealed

The infographic also revealed that over 9 billion deaths have occurred since the game’s release. However, most players taken down were by enemies and NPCs.

Only 2% of the deaths are from fighting other players, and invasions are also not popular. 88% of over 1 billion summons are for co-op play, and only 12% are for invasions.

Xbox One Games – The Game Will Continue to Flourish

Finally, the infographic shed some light on the most used spells in Elden Ring. This includes Rock Sling and Crystal Torrent and the most acquired incantations. Those include the Blessing of the Erdtree, Bestial Sling, and Golden Vow.

Elden Ring has been out for a year, and yet the game’s massive size still offers players endless enjoyment. The game continues to provide unique interactions, secrets, and hidden paths. So, there are always new things that players seem to discover.

Malenia is still proving to be a significant challenge for many players. So, it’s clear that Elden Ring’s legacy will endure for years to come among Xbox One games too.

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