Xbox Series S Games Price –Hyperkin’s Xbox 360-Style Controller

Xbox Series S Games Price

Xbox Series S Games Price –Hyperkin’s Xbox 360-Style Controller

Hyperkin is a company that specializes in making retro-inspired gaming accessories for modern consoles. It has announced the release of its latest product, the Xenon controller. The Xenon is an Xbox 360-style controller for the Xbox Series X|S and PC. It will be available for purchase on June 6th, and pre-orders will start on May 5th. Time to get the best Xbox Series S games price for your favorite title. After all, you now have a great controller to play it with.

Xbox Series S Games Price- A Great Gaming Companion

The Xenon takes its name from the original codename for the Xbox 360’s first console iteration. It will come in black, white, pink, or red and will be available for $49.99. Unlike other Hyperkin products, this controller will be wired only and connected through USB-C.

The controller will include precision analog impulse triggers, a 3.5mm headset jack, and vibration feedback. Furthermore, a view and share button for screenshots and gameplay recording and a detachable Type-C cable is also present.

Hyperkin has many other retro-inspired controllers, including the Duke controller that works on the Xbox Series X|S. They also have the single-ear-piece headset from the Xbox 360 era.

For millennial gamers looking for a nostalgic experience, the Xenon provides a modern take on a classic design. The Xbox 360 controller, which is the mold for all modern gamepads, will be a familiar design for many gamers. Unlike the Duke, which costs $90, the Xenon is only going to cost about half as much.

Design Elements of Xenon

The Xenon’s design includes all the buttons that are common for modern games. Xenon aims to be more user-friendly than the Duke and that one has a giant size and awkward bumper buttons.

According to Hyperkin, it is a nod to the Xbox 360 controller and offers a comfortable grip and button layout. The Xenon is slightly smaller than the original Xbox 360 controller, so it is easier to hold in small hands.

The Xenon’s precision analog impulse triggers provide a more immersive gaming experience. So, players can feel the impact of their actions in-game. The vibration feature also adds to the realism of the gaming experience.

Xbox Series S Games Price Paired with a Great Controller

Hyperkin is popular for their retro gaming accessories that are both affordable and have great quality. So, the Xenon controller seems to be the same too. The Duke controller already has positive reviews from gamers who appreciate the nostalgia factor and the build quality.

The Xenon will certainly be a popular accessory for the fans of the Xbox 360 controller design. With its competitive price point and features, the Xenon controller will surely be a hit with gamers. So, if you value comfort and precision in your games, then be sure to check it out. While you wait, you can find the best Xbox Series S games price on top of new titles like Dead Space here.

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