Xbox Series S Games Price – Legacy of Kain Returning After a Long Time

Xbox Series S Games Price

Xbox Series S Games Price – Legacy of Kain Returning After a Long Time

Fans of the vampire-themed adventure Legacy of Kain series have been eagerly waiting for news of a new game. Debuting in 1996 on PlayStation, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain has had a cult following ever since. However, it was the sequel Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver that propelled the series to new heights. It has a gripping story and a compelling anti-hero in Raziel. However, it’s been 20 years since the last game in the series, Legacy of Kain: Defiance, came out. While there were rumors of a remake of Soul Reaver, nothing ever happened. However, recent events give hope that we might end up getting something worth its Xbox Series S games price.

Xbox Series S Games Price – Crystal Dynamics’ Survey

Crystal Dynamics, the studio behind Soul Reaver, has been teasing fans about a possible new game. In October 2022, the studio sent out surveys to gauge interest in the series. So, they asked fans if they would like to see a sequel or remake and what genre it should be.

A month later, Crystal Dynamics said that over 100,000 survey responses came in. There was a huge desire from fans for the Legacy of Kain series to make a comeback.

Possible New Game in Development

So, rumors about a new game have been out since then, and the latest news comes from GameSpot. They say that Crystal Dynamics may be holding a secret playtest for an upcoming game.

Some people think that it could be for the new Tomb Raider game. However, there is also a strong opinion that it could be for Legacy of Kain.

The Embracer Group is a large media parent company that includes THQ Nordic. It has made a major purchase of three of Square Enix’s studios, including Crystal Dynamics. This could signal big changes in the gaming industry, and possibly the rebirth of inactive projects like Legacy of Kain.

Legacy of Kain: A Series Overview

The Legacy of Kain series shows the dark and twisted world of Nosgoth. This is where vampires and other supernatural beings roam. The series’ lore and storytelling are a major draw for fans, and there are intricate plots and memorable characters too.

We get to meet Kain in Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, the first game in the series. He is a nobleman who is turned into a vampire and seeks revenge against his murderers. The game was notable for its non-linear gameplay combat, exploration, and great storytelling.

Xbox Series S Games Price – Staying Hopeful for the Game

So, considering how much Legacy of Kain has given to the gaming industry, seeing a new game would be amazing. All the relevant studios have plenty of experience in this genre as well. So, it is quite likely that it would turn out to be worth it Xbox Series S games price. Another title that can also deliver on its price is Red Dead Redemption 2, so do play that as well.

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