A New Cyberpunk Adventure in the Neon-Lit Night City

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A New Cyberpunk Adventure in the Neon-Lit Night City

Cyberpunk 2077’s launch in late 2020 was a disaster that none of us can easily forget. The game was virtually unplayable on base consoles due to so many bugs, glitches, and huge performance issues as well. After multiple delays to its launch, CD Projekt Red finally gave an incomplete product that left many fans feeling unhappy. So, the only thing they saw was betrayal from CD Projekt Red. That is why very few people would buy it even when the game was among the cheapest Xbox One games. However, it is time for them to redeem themselves fully now, and they just might.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – Starting with Performance Improvements

For over a year, CD Projekt Red is hard at work trying to make Cyberpunk 2077 better in a series of patches. They are coming to make the performance better, fix quest issues and gameplay as well.

In 2021, next-gen console upgrades came out, and a lot of technical problems went away as well. While far from perfect, the months of updates and patches slowly but surely won back some goodwill from the gaming crowd.

Redemption Through Expansion

The game’s redemption story now hinges on its upcoming DLC. Phantom Liberty, which will come out later this year, will be Cyberpunk 2077’s first major expansion.

Details are scarce but promising, and CD Projekt Red is confirming additions like new missions, areas, vehicles, and weapons.

In addition to that, there is also a much better perk system now. If it does prove to be true, Phantom Liberty could give the full experience that players have been waiting for all along.

The Story of No Coincidence

Phantom Liberty will also see the new Cyberpunk 2077: No Coincidence join the ranks. This is a new story from Rafal Kosik and it is also in the same universe.

The story follows a group of strangers who must rob a mysterious container from a Militech convoy. As they find out about their employer’s major influence, secrets within the container threaten to upend Night City.

Highly Welcome Expansion

No Coincidence aims to flesh out Cyberpunk 2077’s lore through new factions, characters and world-building while standing on its own apart from the game’s main narrative.

But by expanding the universe at a key moment, the novel could help build momentum for Phantom Liberty’s release and ease CD Projekt Red’s path to redemption.

Cheapest Xbox One Games – A Lot on the Line for Projekt Red

For the studio to fully win back trust, it must deliver a polished and compelling Phantom Liberty. If they succeed, it could mark a true turning point for the franchise and redeem both Cyberpunk 2077 and CD Projekt Red’s reputation. No Coincidence’s story, told at the right time, may help propel that arc forward. However, only time will tell if it finds its worth again or remains among the cheapest Xbox One games.

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