Xbox Series X Games: What we Know about Minecraft Legends

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Xbox Series X Games: What we Know about Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends is the latest among the best Xbox Series X games. It is a product of Mojang and Blackbird Interactive. The game title redefines what gamers experience in the unforgettable sandbox title, Minecraft. It offers an exciting but unique experience as a real-time strategy game.

Although it will have some building mechanics like Minecraft, this will not be the focus of the game. Instead, Minecraft Legends has its focal point on leading troops into battles. If you started listing out the Xbox Series S games to buy in 2023, this should be top on your list.

Xbox Series X Games Insights: Things to Know about Minecraft Legends Gameplay

Understandably, many fans of Minecraft and other Xbox Series X games in this genre are partial to design and building elements. However, the latest addition to the Minecraft franchise will feature a brand new RTS gameplay style.

Just like Minecraft Dungeons explore a loot-farming dungeon exploration theme, this new title will offer players a glimpse of how the world would look besieged by constant war. Here are the highlights of the gameplay.

  • War with the Piglins

The trailer released so far about the game shows peace-loving communities and villages under attack by the powerful and bloodthirsty Piglin army. These pigs moved in droves from the Nether to cause havoc in the world. Although their motivations have not been revealed, watching the trailer gives a peek into what the army will do.

  • New Golems will be introduced

In addition to the new mob types, the game developer is also introducing some exciting addition to the Minecraft universe – the golems. In earlier series, gamers have access to Iron Golems and Snow Golems. However, Minecraft Legends brings at least seven exciting golems variants into the game.

They include Grindstone Golems, Support Golems, Wood Golems, Plank Golems, Cobblestone Golems, and Mossy Golems. With these new golems, you have to put your strategies together to use them in your battle.

  • Gamers can achieve a Glorious Victory by Commanding Troops

Instead of establishing bases and going head-to-head with the enemy, Minecraft Legends requires players to mount a horse to lead their troops from the frontlines into the battle. You will discover new mob types you can take into battles. It is crucial to select the best mobs for the job to ensure they protect the villages from harm.

  • The Game Features Competitive Modes and Cross-platform Co-op

Minecraft is one of the most popular Xbox Series X games added to different consoles over the years. This new addition will not be different as it will play across all consoles and systems.

Players can explore the game on all versions of Xbox, PlayStation, Windows PCs, and Nintendo Switch. It will also be available across different platforms and modes, including an exciting co-op-style game and competitive mode.


Minecraft Legends bring adrenaline-pumping excitement and adventure, and fans eagerly await its release. The good news is you do not have too long to wait. The game will launch in the spring of 2023. It will surely be one of the best Xbox Series X games.

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