Cheap Xbox One Games – Vampire Hunting in Evil West

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Cheap Xbox One Games – Vampire Hunting in Evil West

Evil West is a Western action game that shows an alternate history of 1890s America overrun by vampires. In the game, players take on the role of Jesse Rentier. He is a vampire hunter in the employ of the Roosevelt Expeditionary Force. This is one of those cheap Xbox One games that have a surprisingly huge value. So, here are the top features that make this game amazing:

  • Incredible gameplay
  • Satisfying combat
  • Side quests and bonuses
  • Visiting the towns
  • Amazing graphics

Cheap Xbox One Games – Key Game Features

Incredible Gameplay

Firstly, Jesse uses silver bullets, magic, and melee weapons to blast vampires into chunks of gore. He can slow time to line up headshots, dodge attacks, and make unique moves for cool kills.

As Jesse gains experience, players unlock new abilities and increase his power. This includes decoys, traps, silent reloading, and multi-shot volleys. Each of these things also makes the experience a lot better.

Satisfying Combat

Secondly, the combat in Evil West is quite fast and immensely satisfying. However, the game offers more than just mindless killing. Players can recruit an ensemble of diverse hunters as temporary allies.

These include a warrior woman with lethal whips and a voodoo priestess who hurls hexes. Each hunter possesses a unique arsenal and skill set, creating many avenues to victory.

Side Quests and Bonuses

Thirdly, developing relationships also gives combat bonuses and side quests for players. Completing them earns valuable resources that you can use to upgrade weapons and ammo.

They can also help craft elixirs, increase stats, and reassemble gear for advantage in different scenes. Players must constantly try to make Jesse more powerful and keep matching the rising difficulty of the game.

Visiting the Towns

Towns serve as hubs to sell loot, get new weapons/talismans, accept jobs, and talk to people. The citizens offer gossip, clues to hidden chests, and a lot more.

Your options will decide the relationships you get and the hunter-hiring chances as well. Decisions lead to consequences, for better or worse, and you get to craft the story of Jesse’s quest.

Amazing Graphics

Finally, Evil West is a stunner when it comes to graphics. Vampires show up as dry corpses until they feed on blood. After that, they become fast and fierce hunters. Environments showcase a supernatural-infested Old West, and it looks incredible.

From decaying ghost towns to ruined plantations thick with all kinds of plants. Furthermore, the stylistic approach turns each action into a work of art.

Cheap Xbox One Games – Summing Up

In conclusion, Evil West is an amazing game that has so much fun to offer. Being among cheap Xbox One games only makes it more appealing, especially if you are on a budget. So, get yourself a good snack and sit tight because this game will blow you away.

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