Xbox Series S Games – Rekindle Your Love with Dead Space

xbox series s games

Xbox Series S Games – Rekindle Your Love with Dead Space

The new Dead Space game is a sci-fi survival horror adventure on spaceships and space colonies. You play as Isaac Clarke, and he’s an engineer who survived the Ishimura incident. It is an event that nearly wiped out all humanity. The game offers a lot that makes it one of the best Xbox Series S games. So, here are the key points you should know about:

  • Back into action
  • Exploring ships again
  • Force field projector
  • Progressive style
  • Short-lived alliances
  • Plenty of surprises in store

Xbox Series S Games – Key Features

Back Into Action

Firstly, Isaac comes back into action 20 years later after being called by the United Interstellar Space Force. His mission is to stop the spread of the dangerous Necromorph outbreak. These flesh-hungry aliens took advantage of humanity’s weakness after awakening from cryosleep during long space travel. Now another outbreak threatens all life in the solar system.

Exploring Ships Again

Secondly, Isaac explores massive ships, space stations and planetoid bases. He must quarantine infected areas, find the source of new virus strains, and defeat the overlords controlling the swarms. He uses plasma torches, shotguns, rifles, and other weapons to kill Necromorphs in as many ways as possible.

Force Field Projector

Thirdly, when overwhelmed, Isaac can use his force field projector and slow down time. This lets him perform acrobatic dodges and line up perfect shots. He also finds medkits, health restores, and power nodes that give temporary damage and movement boosts in key areas.

Progressive Style

As the game moves on, Isaac unlocks new weapons, upgrades for his suit, and hacking skills to control Necromorphs. He even finds abilities that allow him to get controlled use of a mutation with a Necromorph mix. These provide advantages in battle, but they also have side effects. So, Isaac must manage them properly or else he would lose control of his humanity.

Short-Lived Alliances

There are occasional allies and squad mates assisting Isaac in the game. However, most perish at some point or fail in other ways along the way. This makes Isaac’s resolve even stronger, and he tries to stop the outbreak at any cost. The story follows his tragic past, guilt over past failings, and the quest to redeem himself using his mission.

Plenty of Surprises in Store

Finally, each new ship and location provides more and more surprises. Players may find themselves in many situations where fixing one thing can often lead to other more horrible things happening. So, there is no safe space or predictable encounters in this world and Isaac knows this too well.

Xbox Series S Games – Concluding Dead Space

In conclusion, Dead Space is a great remake of a classic horror game, and we love it so far. It offers many cool features, and all of them make it one of the best Xbox Series S games. So, grab your copy right away and enjoy this horror experience.

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