Experience the Most Epic Exoskeletal Thrill in Anthem

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Experience the Most Epic Exoskeletal Thrill in Anthem

Anthem is a third-person shooter from BioWare and Electronic Arts. In the beginning, this game received mixed reviews too. However, it has many elements that make it a great game. Of course, with all its features, being among the cheapest Xbox games now only makes things better. So, here are the key elements that make this title worth buying:

  • Abilities and flight
  • Loot and gear progression
  • Striking visuals and sound
  • Challenging missions and combat
  • Ongoing updates and content

Cheapest Xbox Games – Main Features

Abilities and Flight

Firstly, the javelins (exosuits) that players pilot in Anthem have a wide variety of cool abilities. Each javelin has its own perks and style, which offers a lot of variety.

So, being able to fly around the open world freely using your javelin makes it very fun and engaging. The flight and styles combine to give a unique combat and travel system.

Loot and Gear Progression

Secondly, Anthem has a huge loot and gear system to keep players going for more. Players can get and equip new gear that gives them better stats and abilities.

The gear comes in different rarities, with Masterwork and Legendary items being the best and most powerful. Acquiring new loot and improving javelins leads to the players staying in the game for hours.

Striking Visuals and Sound

Thirdly, Anthem has beautiful visuals and vistas, detailed scenes, and vivid lighting. The areas really come to life, especially when you fly over them.

The soundtrack also matches the atmosphere and intensity of combat very well. The visuals and audio come together to create a fun and immersive world.

Challenging Missions and Combat

The missions and strongholds in Anthem offer challenging combat that will test even experienced players. Enemy factions utilize varied attack strategies forcing players to adapt their own tactics.

Later missions and strongholds also provide more difficult puzzles and obstacles. This challenging but fair combat helps keep the gameplay engaging.

Ongoing Updates and Content

Finally, BioWare has continued to provide new story content, challenges, strongholds and loot through free updates after Anthem’s launch.

This includes a new reignited storyline and mastery system. The ongoing updates and new content give players more incentives to play after they finish the main story.

Cheapest Xbox Games – Summing Up

In conclusion, Anthem has many strengths that make it an enjoyable game to play. All its cool features come together to give you a great playing experience. Additionally, being among the cheapest Xbox games also makes it great value now.

So, we suggest that you get this game right away and start your adventure as well. Of course, there are some other options to choose from as well if you are on a budget. One of our favorite shooters right now is Red Dead Redemption 2, and it is quite cheap right now.

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