Fans Want to See a Red Dead Redemption Charles Prequel

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Fans Want to See a Red Dead Redemption Charles Prequel

It’s been too long since the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and fans are craving something new now. Rumors of a remake of the original game are circulating. However, fans are calling for something completely different – a prequel based solely on the character of Charles Smith. Will the new one also be among the best online Xbox Series X games? We have yet to find that out.

Online Xbox Series X Games – A New Game on the Horizon?

Recently, a fresh rating for Red Dead Redemption surfaced on South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee (GRAC) website.

While this could be a sign of a new game, Rockstar Games has not confirmed if the rating means anything. Regardless, fans are already discussing which characters would make for the most compelling spinoff titles.

Why a Charles Prequel Would Work

Fans seem to agree that a game based on Charles Smith would be amazing. Smith was the most morally just member of the Van der Linde gang. However, he still took part in a lot of bad things with them and likely did in other gangs.

So, a game following the events of a younger Charles would certainly be interesting. Fans of the game know that he ran away from his home when he was just 13 years old to wander the country.

So, he eventually wound up with the Van der Linde gang only a few months before the events of RDR2.

A Compelling Spinoff

Many Red Dead fans believe that Charles is the best character for a spinoff. This is because he was only with the gang for six months before the Blackwater job. Fans have pointed out that a game with him would have to precede Red Dead 2.

It would have him be younger and make mistakes that weigh on him. After that, he would grow and change into the Charles we know and love.

Red Dead Redemption Background

Red Dead Redemption is a popular video game series from Rockstar Games. The first game is from 2010 and the sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2, came out in 2018.

The series takes you to the late 19th century in the American Old West and follows the story of an outlaw named John Marston. The games are famous for their attention to detail, immersive open-world gameplay, and engaging storylines.

Online Xbox Series X Games – A Lot to Look Forward To

It is quite clear that Red Dead Redemption 2 has a long history and that makes it a solid option for expansion. The loyal fan base is a clear indication that people want to see more content.

So, the Charles spinoff might be exactly what makes them happy. That would also keep the game alive, even though it is still among the top online Xbox Series X games.

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