FIFA Coins- How the New FIFA Ultimate Team Game Mode Works

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FIFA Coins- How the New FIFA Ultimate Team Game Mode Works

EA Sports has released a new tournament mode in FUT 23 where gamers can earn FIFA Points and convert them to FIFA coins. This is a big change from the standard FIFA 23 Ultimate Team routine, as players can participate in PS Tournaments and earn points.

You can participate and earn through the Ultimate Team or in Season Mode with a licensed team, such as Bayern Munich or Real Madrid. It is worth mentioning that this game mode does not have any entry requirements.

FIFA Coins: FIFA 23 PS Tournaments on Sony

EA Sports has partnered with Sony to bring an online tournament to gamers. This tournament is not based on the matchmaking of the FUT Champions Weekend League or Division Rivals. The best part is it is free to participate, and you get to win FIFA Points if you win.

You can earn between 100 to 500 points during the game and open a gold pack. So, how do you get FIFA coins from this? You can unpack your gold pack and sell off players to earn coins. You are free to play s many tournaments as you want per day to increase your earnings.

Where to Play PlayStation Tournaments and Earn FIFA Coins

You can play the FIFA 23 PlayStation Tournaments on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. However, they are not available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Series X. Additionally, you must have the latest software update on your PS4 or PS5.

You also need PS Plus and download the new FIFA update. With these, can launch the game mode and start playing the tournaments.

How to Participate in the PlayStation Tournaments

It is free to participate and the process is self-explanatory. However, we recommend you review your team before you play. Also, extend each player’s contract to avoid getting stuck. If you do not have an active contract with any player, you cannot start the game. To start with the PlayStation Tournament, follow these steps:

Step #1: Navigate to “Play” and click on “PlayStation Tournament”. A PS menu will pop up and you will see all tournaments about to start.

Step #2: Select the tournament you would like to play and preview the requirements and the mode available for the game. You can also see the prize money displayed on the page.

Step #3: Click on the participation button and wait for an invitation from Sony. You will see the invitation notification through the PlayStation menu. You have only five minutes to join the lobby after the tournament starts. You can begin to play with your opponent as soon as you are ready.


We recommend you line up the best players in your club to improve your chances of winning. By the way, you can use several players on loan for the game. It is worth mentioning that players on loan do not lose matches since it is a friendly tournament. Therefore, consider putting all meta-players, including Mbappe, in your team and play well.

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