FIFA Coins: How to Earn FIFA 23 Division Rivals Rewards

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FIFA Coins: How to Earn FIFA 23 Division Rivals Rewards

Division Rivals is the primary online game mode for FIFA 23. It offers gamers a chance to face real opponents before the start of the Weekend League. Also, you need this game mode to qualify for FUT Champs. Additionally, Division Rivals is the go-to game mode for achieving the best rewards, including FIFA coins. Players who secure eight wins are guaranteed the best possible rewards.

How to Earn FIFA Coins from FIFA 23 Division Rivals

FIFA 23 Division Rivals has a seasonal progression system. Gamers play through leagues as they win online matches. Each division features different steps, and as you move along, you earn rewards, including FIFA coins rewards.

When you win a match, you move a step forward, and when you lose, you move a step back. Playing draw lets you maintain your current division. Gamers have ten divisions to play through. There is also the Elite Division for skilled players.

As you progress, you either move forward or maintain your position. When you win three games in a row, you unlock a multiplier and for each win you achieve, you gain two steps forward. For every milestone you achieve, you earn rewards, which can come in FIFA coins.

Highlights of the FIFA 23 Division Rivals Rewards

There are two kinds of Division Rivals rewards in FIFA 23. These are Weekly Milestones. You earn weekly rewards based on the winnings you achieve within the last seven days. Three wins give you base rewards, and eight wins give you upgraded rewards.

You receive milestone rewards at the end of each FUT season. Also, you do not require any wins to unlock these rewards and all you need is to play a specific number of matches. You earn better packs as you keep achieving more milestones. However, you should aim to win because winning increases the quality of the packs you get.

What Prizes in FIFA Coins do you get for Ranks in FIFA 23 Division Rivals?

The Division you finished will determine the rewards you earn. The base reward is in Division 10, and you have different options for rewards. The base reward in Division 10 includes 2,000 FIFA coins, 1 Gold Pack, and 1 Small Mixed Players Pack, which is untradeable.

You can get up to 4,000 coins, one premium gold pack, and one gold booster pack for a reward upgrade. As you continue to rank higher, you earn more rewards, including milestone rewards. Finishing in Division 1 gives you three options for rewards.

The option with FIFA coins gives you 17,500 coins, one rare gold pack, and one Jumbo premium gold players’ pack, which is untradeable. You can get 35,000 coins with other packs with the reward upgrade. The Elite Division gives you up to 40,000 coins and other packs.


You can earn many FIFA coins by participating in FIFA 23 Division Rivals. The good thing is you can begin at your level and gradually rank higher. The more matches you complete, the higher your rewards. Winning also gives you better rewards.

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