FIFA Coins PS5 – How to Trigger Runs in FIFA 23

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FIFA Coins PS5 – How to Trigger Runs in FIFA 23

One of the most creative ways to generate more attacking options in FIFA 23 is to trigger player runs. How does this work? It is a fact that setting up attacks is challenging in FIFA 23. Sometimes, players remain stuck in a place instead of running behind the defense. In some scenarios, you may not have a player to pass to. Sometimes, players may not run over to collect the ball. Thankfully, there are ways to activate these runs manually in FIFA 23. As you already know, performance is crucial to increasing your FIFA coins PS5 earning potential, and learning the tricks for improvement is critical. So, how do you trigger runs?

Tips to Trigger Runs in FIFA 23 and Earn More FIFA Coins PS5

There are three kinds of runs in FIFA 23 and you can trigger each of them to improve opportunities for better performances on the pitch. These three types of runs are Player Locking, Calling a Player Short, and Sending a Player on a run.

You can get your players moving with these methods without depending on AI to produce an attacking run. With this, you get to boost your performance and FIFA Coins PS5 earnings.

Tip #1 to Trigger Runs and get more FIFA Coins PS5: Player Locking

Player Locking is a feature that allows you to control a player who is not with the ball while you have the ball. It lets you make a run behind the defense or trigger it manually by yourself. To use this feature, press the analog sticks and pass the ball.

After passing the ball, you will maintain control of the player while you run into space. Press the Pass or Through Ball button to collect the ball from the player.

Tip #2 to Trigger Runs: Calling a Player Short

This lets you bring the player closer or come short. To use this feature, press R1/RB while focusing on the player you want to bring closer.

Your trigger is successful when you see the player pointing to where he wants to run and begins to move away from the goal. You can call a player short to recycle the ball and build up opportunities to break down a defense.

Tip #3 to Trigger Runs: Send a Player on a Run

This method of triggering runs is simple and effective. To send a player on a run, press L1/LB while focusing on the player you want to send on a run. This makes them run towards the goal. When you see the player points to the area he is running towards, you know you have accomplished the objective.


Using these three tips can significantly improve your performance and help you win more games. Winning more games means more rewards, which translates into more FIFA coins PS5 earnings for you.

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