FIFA Coins – How to Earn and Trade Moment Stars for Rewards

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FIFA Coins – How to Earn and Trade Moment Stars for Rewards

FIFA 23 provides gamers a seamless opportunity to acquire Gold players in FIFA Ultimate Team with Moment Stars. Gamers can now get Gold and Premium packs and FIFA coins using a new in-game currency in the FUT mode.

If you started playing the FUT career already, you must have seen new purple stars around your currency bar within the game. The stars are known as Moment Stars. You can earn these by completing different challenges and skill moves in the game under Moments.

FIFA Coins: Steps to Earn Moment Stars in FIFA 23

You will see a new option when you go to the Play tab in the FUT game mode. This option is called Moments. All you have to do is click on it to open different campaigns you can complete to earn Moment Stars. It is worth mentioning that each campaign has multiple tasks.

Completing each task earns you one or two Moment Stars. These rewards come in handy when you want to trade on the transfer market. You can make a tidy profit and plenty of FIFA coins trading these Moment Stars.

How to Trade Moment Stars for Some FIFA Coins Rewards

You must first collect ample Moment Stars before you think of trading them. When you have enough, you can trade them for FIFA coins rewards. You can also trade them for other rewards through the Moment Star Gallery. You will find the Star Gallery in the Moments menu.

It is the leftmost tile in the menu. From this part, you will have the opportunity to spend your Moment Stars on premium Gold Packs or even Gold Packs. Additionally, you will find other seasonal rewards you can unlock.

These include the Ted Lasso manager card and other season packs you can acquire only once until after the current season. At the moment, gamers can earn up to 188 Moment Stars. You can buy about 15 Gold Packs with this amount, or 11 Premium Gold Packs. This equals at least a full squad.

Without a doubt, it is worth completing all Moment tasks and collecting the rewards. If you are just starting your squad, these easy packs are great as a starter squad. Also, you can use these pack players to play Squad Building Challenges. You can also trade them on the market for more FIFA coins.


Earning FIFA coins is a must if you want to grow your game and have a memorable gaming experience. Apart from Moments, you can explore the traditional Objectives in FUT to increase your XP points and coins.

You can convert your points to coins or trade them for other in-game items. If you are new to FIFA 23, you should start with the FIFA Moment Stars to build your squad.

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