Hellblade 2 Will Be Coming Out in 2024

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Hellblade 2 Will Be Coming Out in 2024

During today’s Xbox Games Showcase, Microsoft finally revealed that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 will be out in 2024. The game was a key part of the event, and the footage shows how epic the game will be. Seeing new material after two years certainly makes it more unique and enticing. Of course, there is a lot going on with it as well. So, when you buy Xbox Series X games next year, this title can be in your top options.

Buy Xbox Series X Games – What Did Four Years Bring Us So Far?

It is worth noting that the game’s first announcement dates to 2019. That was four years ago, and Ninja Theory has been very quiet when it comes to sharing details.

It wasn’t until two years later that we saw the first-ever gameplay footage. Even at that time though, you could see why this game will not be on old-gen devices like Xbox One. This year, we saw another clip showing off the game, and with the same six minutes of length.

What Did They Show This Time?

As was the case last time, we saw more footage from the game. And this time, the main character Senua seems to be exploring a cave and talking to supernatural entities.

This clip is also the same as the last game, and we don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. Of course, with more information, we might be able to make more sense of the sequel.

Buy Xbox Series X Games – Still an Epic Story?

One of the biggest selling points for the original game was its amazing storyline and the way it showed psychosis. Ninja Theory is not telling much about the story of the second game.

However, it is still just after the 8th century, and you see a lot of Norse mythology in it. Of course, the final detail that we know of yet is that we are still playing as Senua.

Apart from that, there is nothing else to go on. However, if the last game is any indication, we can expect a great story in this game as well.

A Win for Microsoft Game Pass?

One very important thing to keep in mind here is that the game will be on Xbox Game Pass from day one. So, the company will benefit a lot from it if the game is a success.

Of course, that is also a key need for Microsoft right now since it is not doing so well due to recent failures. Yes, we are talking about Redfall, and until next year, the only thing Microsoft has hopes for is the upcoming Starfield.

So, it is extremely important that this title is so good that gamers would want to get it when they buy Xbox Series X games. Till then, you do have another game to enjoy if you love Norse mythology, and that is Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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