Hogwarts Legacy Stays 2023’s Top Seller Despite New Games

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Hogwarts Legacy Stays 2023’s Top Seller Despite New Games

We are all huge fans of Hogwarts Legacy here, and it is quite nice to see that the gaming community feels the same. Recent data from Statista shows that the game is well beyond the $1 billion mark, with more than 15 million sales by May 2023. Even now, the game continues to grow in sales, and we are excited to see if any online Xbox Series X games will beat it this year.

Online Xbox Series X Games Can’t Beat Magical Sales

Hogwarts Legacy continues to cast a sales spell in 2023. The magic-filled game remains the year’s best-seller, despite new competition.

Since launching, Hogwarts Legacy’s popularity hasn’t faded. Thousands still explore the legendary school on Xbox and other platforms as well. Fans enjoy the fun and thrilling experience that its enchanted world has to offer.

Many have been busy adding new features through mods. These range from gameplay tweaks to multiplayer tests. Some have humorously turned wands into guns. Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and as the game grows, more and more content will also come with it.

Major Money Maker

One thing that people pay attention to immediately is the sales numbers. So, it is no surprise that this blockbuster title has already earned well over $1 billion by now.

This means it’s made more money than the Harry Potter films. That statement is huge, and due to the impressive sales, sequels are likely coming too.

Sales should rise later this year when the delayed Nintendo Switch version arrives. However, the Switch port has faced development issues as well. But it looks like it is still on track for its upcoming release date now.

Staying on Top of Things

Despite having a lot of new big-name competition, Hogwarts Legacy clings to its best-seller title. Major 2023 games like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Resident Evil 4 haven’t dethroned it yet.

A lot of people did expect that to happen, and we can see why given the popularity of said titles. However, the surprise is still a pleasant one.

Of course, many upcoming challenges remain for the title this year. Starfield, Spider-Man 2, and Mortal Kombat 12 could also prove to be tough contenders in this race.

Starfield is probably the biggest one, and it will be exciting to see if Switch sales keep Hogwarts Legacy number one after September 2023.

For now, the magic continues to grow and flow everywhere. Hogwarts Legacy remains the top-selling game and it charms players with its immersive world. As fans explore new mysteries within the wizarding world, sales stay strong.

Online Xbox Series X Games – Conclusion

So, it seems that Hogwarts Legacy is turning out to be an unstoppable force in 2023. However, future launches may take the crown away from it. Perhaps one of the newer online Xbox Series X games might end up surpassing it in sales.

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