How to Buy Xbox Series S Games as a Gift

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How to Buy Xbox Series S Games as a Gift

Giving digital video games to loved ones is a big feature of PC gaming for years. However, console gaming is catching up with the trend. Microsoft now allows users to buy Xbox Series S games and send them as gifts to friends. This post shares a guide on how to buy and gift Series X games to loved ones without stress.

Steps to Buy Xbox Series S Games and Send them as a Gift

It is easy to buy and send console games. It takes a few steps to complete the process. This part looks at how to buy Xbox Series S games and send them as gifts.

Step #1: Log in to Your Xbox Series S Account

The first step to buying games is to log in to your account. You must also connect to the internet for seamless access to the store. From your dashboard, navigate to the store. You may want to use the search function to find your gift.

Step #2: Select the Games to Buy

The next step is very important because it determines whether the recipient will like your gift or not. If you buy Xbox Series S games they do not like, they will not appreciate your gift. You may want to stylishly ask them about their favorite game on Series S before you choose the games.

Step #3: Buy Xbox Series S Games

When you have decided on the games to buy, the next step is to proceed with the purchase. You will see a couple of options on the right-hand side of the purchase screen. Select the gift icon with the “Buy as Gift” tag.

Do not select the shopping cart icon as that would be buying the game for your use. If you mistakenly selected that and bought the game, you do not have to fret. You can return it after it is delivered to you.

However, if you open the game and play it for over two hours, you cannot return it. Additionally, the process of returning and completing the transaction all over again is tasking. Therefore, pay attention and select the appropriate icon from the start.

#4: Send the Xbox Series S Games to your Friend

You have two different ways of sending the games to your friends on Xbox Series S. You can send them through an email address or an Xbox Live. Sending through Xbox Live is simple and accurate. You will see a sidebar with the list of your Xbox Live friends.

Scroll through and select the friend you are sending the games to. You can enter their Gamertag if they are not on the list. You will be prompted to provide a sender name and the gift message after selecting your friend’s Gamertag.

After completing this process, you will see the final screen where you have to confirm your purchase. Click the “Buy as Gift” button to send the games. Your friend will receive an Xbox message through their Live account.


These are the four easy steps to buy Xbox Series S games and send them to friends. We recommend you double-check the console your friend is using. Xbox One games can work on Series X|S and vice versa.

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