How to Earn FIFA 23 Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode?


How to Earn FIFA 23 Coins in FIFA Ultimate Team Mode?

The most popular game mode of FIFA 23 is FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), and in FUT, collecting FIFA 23 coins is necessary for creating a winning squad. You can upgrade your squad, add new players, and ultimately enhance your chances of winning matches by using these coins.

Earning these coins, meanwhile, might be difficult, especially for beginners. But do not worry, in this post, we will discuss different strategies for gaining coins in FIFA 23.

Sell Unused Players to Get FIFA 23 Coins

Selling players in FIFA 23 FUT is a terrific method to get money. Most of us have players in our squad that are not part of our game plan or are not as useful. You can sell these extra players on the transfer market if you do not need them in the future.

Remember, each player has a market value. Be sure to research a player’s market worth before deciding on a selling price. Do not list the player for a price that is too high and do not sell it for a price well under its value.

Play and Win Matches to Get Coins

Another method to gain coins in FIFA 23 FUT is via competing in matches. This is probably the simplest and easiest method. You earn more money by playing more matches. This strategy has no drawbacks. You can still earn coins based on your performance, even if you lose a match.

Extra tip, the number of goals you score and the difficulty level will both have an impact on how many coins you receive.

Complete Squad Building Challenges

SBCs (Squad Building Challenges) are an additional method for earning FIFA 23 coins in FUT mode. SBCs are objectives that demand you to assemble a team according to certain criteria, such as league or nationality.

You can get coins, packs, and other goodies if you finish an SBC. SBCs might be difficult, but if you can accomplish them, they are worthwhile.

Use the FIFA Companion App

Now this is not a conventional method but just a way to ease your path. You can get FIFA 23 coins by using the FIFA 23 Companion App, which is a helpful tool. You can manage your FUT team, purchase and sell players, and finish objectives with the app.

By making frequent use of the app, you can keep up with current market trends and make well-informed player purchasing and selling selections.

Participate in Weekend League to Get Coins

In FIFA 23 FUT, taking part in Weekend League is a terrific way to win coins and also some additional benefits. A weekend-only competitive mode is called Weekend League. You can obtain large rewards, like coins, packs, and player cards if you win enough games.

But remember, Weekend League is only open to experienced players, so be prepared before you face up against skillful competitors.

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