FIFA Coins PlayStation: How to Avoid Coin Wipe when Trading Players in FIFA 23

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FIFA Coins PlayStation: How to Avoid Coin Wipe when Trading Players in FIFA 23

The previous edition of FIFA gave gamers Early Access. This allows people to make FIFA coins PlayStation by participating in Squad Battles and Divisions Rivals. However, that was not the case with FIFA 23. That means the coin-making process was a little stunted.

This has affected many gamers’ ability to acquire the coins they need. Without adequate coins, it becomes difficult to trade and acquire players. That is because EA Sports has made it hard to trade players without earning coins through the game.

That means buying coins to buy players will make you susceptible to being banned. It can also get you a coin wipe. So, how do you avoid this dilemma and stay safe as you buy FIFA coins PlayStation to boost your game?

Best Trading Tip: Participate in Low Match Earnings with FIFA Coins PlayStation

Trading cards are a great way to obtain FIFA Coins PlayStation. However, if you do not have the prerequisite resources to trade, trading cards can be risky. EA Sports monitors gamers’ accounts, and trying to buy low-priced cards without much activity in your account can get you into trouble.

You can also get into trouble when your trade high-rated cards without adequate coins. Bidding on 82+ rated player cards on the transfer market without enough coins can also become risky. Therefore, consider playing matches in FUT to earn coins.

Even if you are not a pro gamer, play low-match games, in Division Rivals or Squad Battle to earn some coins. For instance, you can earn between 500 to 1000 coins per match. If you play many of these, you would have amassed enough coins to trade on the market.

Apart from coins, you will also receive FUT Packs as you progress and gain XP. These packs contain players and more FIFA coins PlayStation.

As you complete more SBCs, it counts as match earnings, and these accumulate and take you higher on the Leaderboards. Participating in these low-earning matches generates activities on your account. So, when you decide to buy coins, you will unlikely be noticed.

What are the Minimum Match Earnings for Safe Trading for FIFA Coins PlayStation?

There is no specific amount for Match Earnings. However, anything lower than 30k o 35k comes with the risk of getting banned. If you snipe players a lot and make over 500K coins through auction or trade, you raise a red flag.

New or empty accounts also have a high risk of being banned if found to buy high-rated cards without genuine coins. We recommend you play some games and keep your account active before trading to avoid coin wipes.

When you have had enough match earnings, you can proceed to snipe, trade players, or use the bronze pack method to acquire plenty of FIFA coins PlayStation.


If you do not exercise caution while trading, you can get banned, and the ban can be imposed within hours of your trade. You may receive an email as a warning or you may not. Your account may be banned immediately and when this happens, it may be difficult to reactive the account.

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