How to Earn FIFA Coins PS5 in FIFA 23 Squad Battle

FIFA coins PS5

How to Earn FIFA Coins PS5 in FIFA 23 Squad Battle

The rewards from FIFA 23 Squad Battles can make a significant difference in your game as you rank higher in FUT. Let us establish that playing Squad Battle is not only good for training. It equips you with the resources required to enhance your squad, including earning FIFA coins PS5.

FIFA Coins PS5: Rewards in FIFA 23 Squads

You can earn two types of rewards from Squad Battles. The first is a set of FIFA coins PS5. You earn these by playing matches and packs as you rank up. The more proficient you are in playing matches, the higher the number of coins you get and the higher you rank.

When you rank higher, you earn better rewards. It is worth mentioning that when you play against opponents at higher difficulty levels, you earn more Battle Points per game. This lets you rank higher faster.

Each week, you have a chance to play up to forty-two matches against competitions to earn Battle Points. As you continue playing and rank higher, your rewards keep stacking up all through the week.

You will get your rewards at the end of the week. These rewards are crucial because you can acquire more FIFA coins PS5 and gold to purchase additional players or packs. Having new and efficient players in your squad can make a significant difference in your game.

How to Rank Higher and Earn more FIFA Coins PS5

With an understanding of what you can earn when playing Squad Battle, the next thing is to know how to rank higher. Remember, when you rank higher, you can stack up more rewards for the week. Here are tips on how to rank higher in Squad Battles and earn more FIFA coins PS5.

  • Play at a Difficulty Level

Squad Battles are like training matches where you can earn rewards. You are technically playing against Artificial Intelligence and not real players. Therefore, leverage this opportunity to challenge your skills.

Note that winning on a semi-pro or amateur level will not earn you many coins. In this same way, you will win only a few points if you lose at ultimate or legendary difficulties than if you had won the professional level.

Therefore, you should find a mid-point where you challenge your skills without overdoing them. With this, you can earn more points while improving. This also increases your FIFA coins PS5 earning potential.

  • Focus on Clean Sheets and Goals

Winning is critical in Squad Battles. The more dominant you engage in the game, the higher your rewards. Every goal you score earns you forty points, and you lose points when the opponents scored against you. Therefore, pay attention to both your defense and offense during the game to improve your chances.

  • Fortify Your Team’s Physical Attributes

Apart from pace, you also need midfielders and defenders with higher mobility and agility to battle with your opponent. Tough AI will give you a run for your money. Therefore, build a fit team that can handle pressure on the pitch.


These are three tips to help you increase your performance in FIFA Squad Battles. Using these tips will not only improve your performance. It will also increase your FIFA coins PS5 earning potential.


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