Tokens and FIFA 23 Coins PS5 Rewards in FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps

FIFA 23 coins PS5

Tokens and FIFA 23 Coins PS5 Rewards in FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps

FIFA 23 comes with many special events in the FUT. The first renowned Swaps event with free-to-play rewards came with several wins in tokens and FIFA 23 coins PS5.

Gamers can explore many reward opportunities in FIFA 23 World Cup Mode. Gamers can acquire many tokens and exchange them for some rewards while playing the World Cup Mode of the game.

Highlights of the World Cup Swaps Release for more FIFA 23 Coins PS5 Earnings

EA Sports released the Swaps event on November 11, and every gamer received a free token at the beginning. However, you must work hard to earn the rest of the tokens. So, how do you participate to earn more tokens and FIFA 23 coins PS5?

  • Swaps Tokens & Challenges

Gamers have over 50 tokens waiting for them in this event, and you can be sure that the effort is worth it. By participating in the Challenges, you get more rewards without spending money. To locate all tasks, navigate to the Milestone menu in FUT.

Some critical tasks you should consider completing are matches in Squad Battles. You can play against semi-pro or higher-pro and finish it in Rivals. You may want to consider playing offline to enable you to collect all points.

It will also enable you to earn high Squad Battles Rewards, including FIFA 23 coins PS5. It is worth mentioning that EA already activated the golden goal rule, which means whoever scores the first goal wins the match.

You never have to worry about sweating endlessly to complete your game. You now have a timer for ten games, which should be completed within an hour. It is also crucial to mention that EA has two tokens in packs and each cost 75k coins.

  • Swap Rewards

Gamers can obtain random packs or specific players for their tokens. You must choose wisely how to spend your rewards because you cannot get them back after they are gone. Three units give you 82+ x 20 packs, and ten give 84+ x 20 packs.

20 units will give you three times what you get with 10 units or a player pick of Path to Glory items. With 25 tokens, you get a player pick of the World Cup Heroes and for 35 units; you may choose one of three World Cup Icons. You can also go all the way to spend 30 tokens to get Icon Café or 40 to earn Icon Patrick Vieira.


Participants in this event can claim their rewards in the Squad Building Challenges menu. The rewards will be available until January 4, 2023. It is worth mentioning that gamers can find World Cup Starts as they participate in this event. They can buy these star players using their FIFA 23 coins PS5.

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