How to Make Money Playing Online Xbox Games

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How to Make Money Playing Online Xbox Games

If you love playing online Xbox games then you can make money from it. Gaming is one of the latest ways people make money online. The best part is it can be a lot of fun, especially if you love the game you are playing. This post offers different ideas on how to make money while playing video games online.

Tips to Make Money Playing Online Xbox Games

Over the years, people have made millions from gaming. Today, there are more opportunities to make money from your hobby, and all you have to do is know what to do. Let us look at ways you can earn money from playing online Xbox games.

#1: Become a Professional Online Xbox Games Player

Pro gamers compete to win millions at global tournaments sponsored by the International Dota 2 championship, Intel Extreme Masters, and Major League Gaming (MLG) circuit. Over the years, MLG has developed Arenas where it hosts and streams live pro gaming tournaments.

It also scouts communities across the internet to find the best-undiscovered talents to play at these events. If you want to go professional, choose a game you are good at and become an expert.

Also, gradually build your reputation as a skilled player and team player. With time, you will find yourself competing for prizes.

#2: Stream your Games on Twitch

Many people stream their online Xbox games online to make a profit. Twitch is an online streaming platform where players can earn by streaming games. You will find several on-platform features to help you monetize your streaming.

Like YouTube, you earn based on the number of views you have on your videos. To get started, the first thing is to build a following. After establishing yourself as a professional gamer with a good following, you can apply for monetization status and start making money.

#3: Start a YouTube Channel

The financial rewards for gamers on YouTube are unimaginable. You only have to tap into it to start reaping the rewards. You can grow your YouTube channel to a point where you can monetize your gaming content.

The good thing about having a YouTube channel is that you can do other things apart from playing and streaming online Xbox games. You can talk about games, review games, consoles, accessories, and more.

All these can create interesting content to attract followers to your channel. Before you know it, you will start making a tidy profit from your endeavor.

#4: Become a Game Coach

This is a novel way of making money through gaming. While it is not as popular as others, many gamers profit from it. You can coach others on your favorite competitive match, such as League of Legends. You can earn $50 to $200 per hour. It all depends on your skill level and the number of people who want your service.


The options for making profits from playing online Xbox games are inexhaustible, and you only have to think about the areas you are good at functioning in gaming. If you like talking about games, you can review different games. If you prefer to teach, you will find many outlets to use your talents.

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