How to Use Your Stars to Earn More FIFA Coins

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How to Use Your Stars to Earn More FIFA Coins

FIFA 23 offers a new single-player mode for FUT called the FUT Moments. Gamers can earn stars in the new Moments mode when they complete various scenarios. They can trade these in for different rewards, such as Draft Tokens, Packs, or Loan Players. You can further trade your Packs for FIFA coins on the transfer market.

Highlights of the FUT Moments in FIFA 23

FUT Moments is part of the Ultimate Team and is a new single-player game mode. It offers gamers an opportunity to train in different scenarios. They can select different scenarios, including classic scenarios and other scenes from the previous match days.

You can also select from legendary moments for your game. One important thing to note is you no longer need to visit the skill arena or the skill games to train some plays, new penalties in Ultimate Team, or free kicks.

Also, you do not need to invite a friend to participate in a friendly match. All you have to do is start the new game mode and select a moment. After completing the moment, you will receive the reward through a new reward system.

FIFA Coins and Rewards in FUT 23 Moments

EA Sports has a new reward system with FUT Moments. Players will receive stars as rewards instead of FIFA coins or FIFA Points. You can also earn additional points in some challenges when you play against a stronger KI.

If you cannot earn more stars, playing against a harder KI will help you earn a second star. All you have to do is play the challenge many times to earn more stars. You can see your current progress on a bar displayed at the top left corner of your screen next to where you have your FIFA coins and points displayed.

After earning your stars, you can collect and keep them or exchange them for rewards from the Moment Gallery. Items you can exchange with your stars are classic packs, loan player cards, and special themed items.

How to Pick Players, Tokens, and Packs in Current Rewards

You can currently earn up to 188 FUT Moment Stars through various stories and challenges. You may play basic moments, two featured stories and milestones. The two featured stories have unique squad prerequisites you must fulfill to play a moment.

You can also unlock a Jumbo Premium Gold Player Pack, which is the most costly pack currently available. This pack sells for 64 stars, which is equivalent to the standard 50k pack on the market.

Note that this is available only in some Promos and Lightning Rounds. Also, you can choose a Rare Consumable Pack, a Gold Player Pack, an Ultimate Draft Token Pack, Coach Beard & Ted Lasso, or an 81-83 Player pick.

FIFA Coins – Conclusion

You can earn a lot with the stars you earn from FUT Moments. You can also improve your gaming by leveraging the Loan Player option. For instance, you can claim Kylian Mbappe for a match through a Loan Player.

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