Low-Risk Methods to Make FIFA 23 Coins PS4

fifa 23 coins ps4

Low-Risk Methods to Make FIFA 23 Coins PS4

Buying the best players in FIFA 23 requires you to have enough FIFA 23 coins PS4. Unfortunately, the transfer market is very unpredictable in terms of players’ prices. However, you can follow specific market trends to make lots of FIFA coins. One of the best trends is to invest in players required for high-rated SBCs when no one is looking for them.

Low-Risk FIFA 23 Coins PS4 Making Method: Investing in High Overall Player

Overall, players from 84-rating to 89-rating follow the same trend. However, they have varying price caps. Usually, when players need overall players for an SBC, the price for those players will increase.

When these players are not required, their prices remain at the base price. Investing in these players during their off-peak period is a low-risk method of making FIFA 23 coins PS4. That is because they will eventually be needed for Squad Building Challenges.

Usually, when EA Sports releases a popular or good value SBC, the market shifts to reflect the demand. When the demand increases, the prices for the players also increase.

It is worth mentioning that although buying overall players is low-risk, you can only achieve the maximum profit when you purchase them at the right time and prices. This is where SBC Fodder comes in.

SBC Fodder: What is it?

SBC Fodder refers to players not in demand for FUT but in demand for completing Squad Building Challenges. When there is an overall demand, all Fodder players increase at the same time, except if there is a particular nation or league required.

If this is the case, the FIFA 23 coins PS4 for these players will slightly increase than others. So, how do you invest in SBC Fodder to earn more coins?

Tips to Invest in SBC Fodder to Earn more FIFA 23 Coins PS4 

Investing in SBC Fodder requires smart calculation. For instance, the market price for 84-rated players is low at 2100 FIFA coins. However, when the players are in demand, their price will naturally surge from 2100 coins to about 2500.

If you buy the coins at 2100 when they are not in demand, you can sell them for a profit of 400 coins when they are in demand. It is unlikely that their price will dip lower. Instead, it can increase to about 3,800 depending on the demand.

With this, you make more profit from your investment. This investment has no risk because it is certain that these players will be required in SBC.

Final Thought

When the value of 84-rated players is at most 2,500 is the best time to invest in them. After buying, wait for the demand, and you can sell them when they have attained 3,000 coins or more. The good news is that you need a low budget to invest in these players.

With a budget of 30,000 coins, you can buy some 84-rated players and sell them for a profit. You can make a minimum of 350 (after tax) from each player’s card.


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