How to Win More Matches and Earn More FIFA Coins PlayStation

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How to Win More Matches and Earn More FIFA Coins PlayStation

Ultimate Team is one of the most competitive modes in FIFA 23 and one of the best ways to earn FIFA coins PlayStation. FUT is the game mode most fans of the series play, thanks to its addictive concept.

How does it work? Players build squads based on their favorite real-world superstars to compete against each other online. The objective of the mode is for gamers to boost their team all through the year through different promotions.

They can obtain packs with players and FIFA coins PlayStation, which they can use to purchase new players on offer. To ensure success, it is crucial to have every tool you need to win.

Highlights of How FUT 23 Works

FUT 23 has different modes and each match offers weekly rewards based on wins and losses. Players battle in each match to achieve victory and get the best packs possible. These packs include some of the best football stars in football, and players can get these players to use in their teams.

At the end of every week, participating players get packs as rewards, and the best-performing gamers get the most expensive packs. These premium packs come with higher chances of getting rare cards. Let us look at tips to win more matches in FUT 23.

Tips to Win More Matches in FUT 23 and Earn More FIFA Coins PlayStation

#1: Use the Best Meta Players to Win Matches and Earn Fifa Coins

When choosing players to add to your squad in FUT 23, you must use overpowered players for better performance on the virtual pitch. The fastest players in FIFA 23 have an advantage and Pace is always a significant feature in the game.

Choose players for defenders, strikers, and wingers with exceptional speeds. It is interesting to note that some of the best defenders are also the fastest in the game. So, choose your players carefully to get the best performance.

Depending on the size of your wallet, you can spend more FIFA coins PlayStation on the best Meta players, such as Inaki Williams and Wissam Ben Yedder.

#2: Use the Best Team Formation

The second most important component of winning more matches in FUT is having the best team formation. You must understand that the most efficient formations will change within the year. However, you must choose the perfect players to suit the formation for a competitive advantage.

Currently, the most popular formation is 5-3-2. This requires adding cover in the middle and stacking defenses on the pitch. It is also recommended that you learn all about tactics and Chemistry to boost your players’ advantage.

#3: Maintain the Ball Control

Beyond setting up the best team formation, the performance of the players is crucial to winning more matches. You must become conversant with advanced techniques that make a difference in your matches, such as manual headers and ball retention.

As a matter of fact, ball retention is the most effective strategy in games. Try to avoid risky passes. Instead, maintain the ball control to provide the opportunity to open up the way and get fast strikers and wingers clean on the goal.


Finally, maintain focus. Avoid common mistakes and be ready to leverage the shortcomings of poor and average players. Remember, the more goals you score, the higher your chance of earning more FIFA coins PlayStation.

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