FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Events: Ways to Make More FIFA Coins PS5

FIFA coins PS5

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Events: Ways to Make More FIFA Coins PS5

FIFA 23 has new content offering gamers different ways to make FIFA coins PS5. It is time again for the yearly competitions where you can invest your free time to earn money. While some will make profits, others will lose some.

However, you can increase your chances of being in the former’s category by improving your skills and participating in relevant events. With all FUT promos and events waiting for you to explore, you can earn a lot and make a tidy profit in the process. So, what FIFA 23 Ultimate Team events should you look forward to exploring?

FIFA Ultimate Team: Best Way to Make FIFA Coins PS5

FIFA Ultimate Team remains the most popular game mode in the FIFA series since its inception and it has not changed. FUT 23 comes with amazing events gamers will find entertaining and highly rewarding. First, you must understand that Fridays are important days in the world of FIFA 23.

They come with new promos and events to allow you to get special cards and earn FIFA coins PS5. If you are lucky to get some upgraded players in your packs, you are in for long-term fun and profits.

What FUT Events should you look forward to in the Coming Months?

Some FUT events have launched already and gamers are basking in the excitement and fun they bring. It is worth mentioning that the actual release dates for some of these Ultimate Team events are yet to be announced. However, some are already known. Here are some events that have been released already that you can explore for a chance to earn some FIFA coins PS5:

  • Road to the Knockouts: CL, EL, and Conference League – October 7
  • Rule Breaker – October 14
  • Out of Position – October 28
  • World Cup – November 9 – December ending

So, what events should you look forward to as the year draws to an end and as we usher in 2023? Here are some events worth anticipating:

  • Headliners – December 31- January 1, 2023
  • Team of the Year – January 2023 ending
  • Future Stats – Early February
  • Road to the Finals: CL, EL, and Conference League – mid-February
  • Silver Stars – February ending
  • FUT Birthday – Early March
  • FUT Fantasy – Mid-Match
  • Showdown Series – Early April
  • FUT Captains – Mid-April
  • Team of the Season – April Ending
  • Shapeshifters – Mid-June
  • FUTTIES – Mid-July
  • Sommer/Pre-Season Event – Mid-August

Final Thought

The FIFA World Cup 2022 is still reigning and not many events happening until the end. However, there is more to come as the New Year draws closer. You never can tell; you might get other special cards before the Team of the Year event.

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