Instant FIFA Coins – How to Manage Game with FIFA 23 Web App

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Instant FIFA Coins – How to Manage Game with FIFA 23 Web App

With the launch of FIFA 23 and the inclusion of Ultimate Team in the game mode, EA has made some changes that users can look forward to in this new edition. FIFA 23 Web App and the Companion App are two features gamers must look out for.

These two apps let you tailor your team and have a feel of the game before launching your console. So, what can you do with these two apps, and how can they help you earn instant FIFA coins and FIFA Points? By the way, FIFA 23 Web App has been released and is available for both Android and iOS devices.

What are FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App?

To be sure you are on the same page with us; let us dive a little into what these apps are. Both FIFA Web App and the FIFA Companion App are online apps that enable FIFA gamers to edit their FUT club.

They also let you buy packs in the store, manage your squads, and monitor the transfer market through the Web App. The Web App also lets you monitor your instant FIFA coins as they accumulate in your wallet.

You can also use the app to engage in squad-building challenges. It is worth mentioning that you cannot play matches on FIFA via the Web App or the Companion App. However, you will find a bulk of the key administrative activities of the game mode on the apps.

Highlights of Features in FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App

Both apps are feature-rich and are designed to make access to other features of FIFA 23 seamless for gamers. You can do a lot through the FIFA 23 Web and the Companion App. For example, you can manage your FUT Squads through the apps by optimizing Players, Formations, and Chemistry.

You can also extend your SBC experience and share your squad with friends. The apps let you find and bid on items and players on the Transfer Market where you get to use your instant FIFA coins.

You can also search, trade, and sell items to earn coins from the market. You can then use these coins to buy more Packs from the FUT Store and improve your investment portfolio. The apps also let you check Objectives, consult the Leaderboard, create Custom Tactics, style the stadium, and check your progress from the Season Objectives.

Additionally, you can redeem your rewards from Division Rivals, FUT Champions, and Squad Battles through these apps.

Final Thoughts

The FIFA 23 Web and Companion Apps offer the first opportunity for gamers to create the squads they will engage in the game. It is easy to access both apps through the Play Store. You can also download them through the EA Sports links available on the official website of EA Sports.


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