The Best South American Defenders in FIFA 23

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The Best South American Defenders in FIFA 23

A solid defense is essential for success in FIFA 23. Having great defenders may make all the difference whether you’re playing Career Mode, Ultimate Team, or just a friendly battle with friends. South America has produced some of the world’s best football players, including defenders. In this article, we’ll look at the best South American defenders you can acquire with FIFA coins Online to strengthen your squad and increase your chances of winning matches.

Spend FIFA Coins Online on Marquinhos

Marquinhos is a Brazilian center-back who plays for Paris Saint-Germain in the French Ligue 1. His strong defensive skills, including marking, standing tackles, and interceptions, make him a good player for any squad. Marquinhos is a force to be reckoned with in FIFA 23, with an overall rating of 88.

When necessary, his versatility allows him to play as a defensive midfielder. But remember, Marquinhos is a high-priced option that may necessitate a significant expenditure in FIFA coins. However, his defense and reliability are worth every penny invested.

Invest on Eder Militao

Another top-tier defender to consider here is Brazilian Eder Militao. Militao, who plays for Real Madrid, combines exceptional physical qualities, pace, and defensive prowess. His overall rating of 84 demonstrates his ability to hold the defensive line and make key tackles.

Militao will provide you with agile and dependable stability in your lineup. Also, Militao is not as pricey as some other defenders, but he still fetches a high price in FIFA coins Online. But his performance justifies the cost.

Buy Felipe

Felipe Monteiro is an Atletico Madrid center-back from Brazil. His defensive and aerial qualities make him a superb addition to any club. Felipe is a dominant force in the air due to his towering height, making him vital during defensive set-pieces. His overall rating of 81 assures that he can compete with the finest attackers.

Moreover, Felipe is a less expensive option than some high-end defenders. This makes him an excellent choice for those looking to bolster their defense without breaking the bank.

Invest on Nico Tagliafico

Nico Tagliafico, a left-back who plays for Argentina, is well-known for his defensive abilities and mobility. His 81 overall rating is supported by strong tackling, positioning awareness, and good stamina. Tagliafico’s ability to join the attack when needed adds an offensive dimension to his game.

Thus, having Tagliafico on your side gives you a well-rounded defensive option. Also, Tagliafico is a low-cost player who provides a decent defensive presence. So, you will not have to spend a lot of FIFA coins Online.

A solid defense is the basis of success in FIFA 23. These South American defenders can substantially boost your team. There are options to fit every budget and play style. Remember that the South American defenders may be expensive, but their ability to secure your defense and help you win matches is unmatched.

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