Investing in FIFA 23 FUT Trading to Earn More FIFA 23 Coins PS5

FIFA 23 coins ps5

Investing in FIFA 23 FUT Trading to Earn More FIFA 23 Coins PS5

Earning FIFA 23 coins PS5 quickly requires being hands-on with trading. The market is consistently moving, and you must be on your toes to keep up with the dynamics.

One way to invest in FIFA 23 FUT trading to earn more FIFA 23 coins PS5 is to buy specific FIFA 23 Ultimate Team items that will increase in price over time. In this post, we look at the best fodder investments you can explore to increase your earnings. Let’s check them out.

Squad Building Challenge Fodder

This is the most reliable investment you can make to increase your FIFA 23 coins PS5 earning potential. You can buy popular cards for SBC solutions and keep them until their prices increase. In previous FIFA versions, high-rated cards are those with 83 ratings and above across popular leagues, positions, and nations.

With the new FIFA 23, look out for cards with 90 ratings and above. These cards are relatively cheaper at the beginning of the game when you have a few Squad Building Challenges with squad rating requirements. The prices of the cards also go down when there is a high supply in the market or when SBCs periodically thin out.

How to Buy and Sell SBC Fodders

The trick is to mop up the cards when they have low moments in the market. Next, wait for EA Sports to publish the list of popular SBCs requiring high-rating cards to complete. This will increase the demand and, ultimately, the price. For instance, a 91-rated card may cost 1000 FIFA 23 coins PS5 during the early period of the game.

The price can increase by 50% when the demand is high, and at this time, you can sell and cash out. Consider buying as many SBC fodders as you can afford during their low moments in FUT trading to increase your earning potential.

Team of the Week Cards Investment

This is another investment option you may want to consider. If you have lots of FIFA 23 coins PS5 early on, consider investing in Team of the Week 1 players. That is because they will be the least available of all cards and will become extinct eventually. Look out for when their BIN (Buy It Now) prices max out and sell them instantly.

Also, some of these cards can become more useful for Squad Building Challenges with time. At this point, there will be a high demand for them, and you can make a profit from selling them. Buying Team of the Week Cards at a discard price can be a solid investment to earn lots of FIFA 23 coins PS5.


Having more FIFA 23 coins PS5 is a good investment. Apart from using them in-game, you can sell and make a profit from them. This post provides two sure-proof investment options you can make to earn more FIFA coins and increase your earning potential.

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