Lara Croft Joins Call of Duty Warzone in Surprise Crossover

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Lara Croft Joins Call of Duty Warzone in Surprise Crossover

We are waiting for a new Tomb Raider game, just like everyone else is, but there is no news of it so far. However, in a tweet from Call of Duty Warzone’s account, the iconic character is coming back to your screens. Warzone is already among the most popular Xbox One games, and this will take the title to the next level. We are sharing all that we know about it so far!

Xbox One Games – Iconic Hero Enters the Battle Royale

Gaming legend Lara Croft is suiting up for combat in an unexpected and cool way. Call of Duty shows the iconic Tomb Raider hero become a playable character in the battle royale mode of Warzone.

The crossover was announced via Call of Duty’s official Twitter account. It marks Lara Croft’s first major gaming appearance since Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched back in 2018.

Fans Celebrate Long-Awaited Return

Many fans celebrated Lara’s inclusion in Warzone, happy to see the character involved in a new project. “First Shredder, now Lara Croft. I’d like to see more bundles like this instead of generic reskins,” one user replied. Another fan tweeted, “We will be buying!”

Call of Duty frequently collaborates with major franchises lately, including The Boys, Crash Bandicoot, Godzilla vs Kong, and real-life stars. But this partnership brings one of gaming’s most legendary heroines into the fold.

Details Still Unknown

Specific details about Lara Croft’s arrival in Warzone remain unknown for now. But based on past character bundles, she will likely come with themed character skins, weapon blueprints, and other cosmetic items.

Some Tomb Raider devotees hoped for a full new game reveal instead. Rumors recently teased a new title is in development. This major crossover so soon after could be a strategic build-up to a bigger Tomb Raider announcement.

Is a New Game on the Horizon?

While unconfirmed, it seems unlikely the timing of this high-profile collaboration is a coincidence. Lara Croft’s return to prominence in Call of Duty may be priming fans for her next headlining adventure. But followers will have to wait patiently for official news.

Xbox One Games – Enjoying What’s Available

For now, the Lara Croft pack offers a chance to play as the iconic adventurer in a whole new way: battling 99 other players for survival. Her parkour skills should come in handy! The content will be available on Xbox and other platforms, but a release date is still unknown.

Die-hard Tomb Raider fans hope this is just the first step toward a new chapter for Lara Croft. Until then, they can enjoy wielding her dual pistols once again, this time against the forces of Warzone.

Wherever the celebrated hero goes next, her loyal fans eagerly follow. They can also play other cool Xbox One games if they want an adventure, and Atomic Heart seems like a great option.

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