Xbox Series S Games – High on Life Takes You on a Journey

Xbox Series S Games

Xbox Series S Games – High on Life Takes You on a Journey

High on Life is a funny new VR game from Squanch Games. The game is from Justin Roiland, and it provides a trippy and absurd adventure. You go into an alien world full of bizarre characters and ridiculous objectives. It is one of the best Xbox Series S games we have played in recent weeks. Here are the top features that make it so amazing:

  • Ridiculous concepts
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Unique environments
  • Solid combat
  • Amazing art style
  • Flatulent Fiend companion

Xbox Series S Games – Main Features

Ridiculous Concepts

Firstly, everything in High on Life is over the top and ridiculous. You play as a stereotypical space bro named Du193. He must save the galaxy from an alien menace with stupid motivation and an inane evil plan. The game embraces absurdity, and it does not take anything too seriously.

Challenging Gameplay

Secondly, the gameplay itself is simple but provides enough challenge to stay engaging. You guide Du193 as he explores the galaxy, meets strange aliens, battles bizarre enemies, and completes mindless quests. But the fun isn’t really in mastering complex mechanics or clever puzzles. It’s in experiencing the sheer weirdness and nonsense of the world and characters.

Unique Environments

Thirdly, the alien worlds you explore are weird, trippy, and hilarious. Strange landscapes, bright colors, and unique flora and fauna are everywhere. And the aliens you meet have weird names and bizarre looks too. Additionally, they also say the most ridiculous lines of dialogue. The game is an absurd comedy skit waiting to happen.

Solid Combat

The combat uses simple controls to dodge and shoot projectiles or slice enemies with melee weapons. However, the interesting part is coming up with creative ways to defeat the peculiar aliens. They have zany designs and humorous names like the “Slop Fizzit” or the “Giggle Frump.” So, nothing is too challenging, and you can just enjoy different ways to defeat silly foes.

Amazing Art Style

The art style in this game is quite gorgeous and trippy. Everything is bright, colorful, and weirdly distorted. The flatulent green lighting and puking rainbow aesthetics bring its ridiculousness to life. Additionally, the alien designs are endlessly creative and bizarre. From two-headed creatures to blob monsters and weird fruits, the list of strange enemies and allies is long and hilarious.

Flatulent Fiend Companion

Finally, the best part about High on Life is its Flatulent Fiend companion. This is basically a weird alien creature that you can keep with you. You can unlock and upgrade the Fiend, teach it crazy skills, and use it to make strange functions like a fart, thunder or vomit rockets. The Fiend gets more and more bizarre and absurd as you progress, and it also serves a running bizarre commentary.

Xbox Series S Games – Conclusion

In conclusion, High on Life is a great game for most people. So, if you are looking to buy Xbox Series S games, this title will work great for you. You can also try It Takes Two for another unique and trippy experience.

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