Microsoft FTC Trial May Have Revealed a New Xbox Game

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Microsoft FTC Trial May Have Revealed a New Xbox Game

A game like a role-playing action game (RPG) that may be from IO Interactive studio, the makers of Hitman, could have become public during Microsoft’s fight with regulators over buying Activision. The trial is currently in the critical stages, but we are not sure about what the result will be. Of course, that does not mean gamers will stop looking for other Xbox games cheap. Whether this new title will be cheap is still a mystery, though.

Xbox Games Cheap – What We Know About Project Dragon

IO Interactive, the Hitman game makers, might have a cool new game. They are using the name Project Dragon or Fantasy Project. Emails show the game will be an “RPG shooter” for Xbox and PC.

Not much else is there to look into for now. The game is probably still in the early stages for all we know. The James Bond game IO Interactive is making now will likely come out first. Action RPGs are new for IO Interactive.

The few details shared show the game may take ideas from RPGs like Diablo and World of Warcraft. It may use a “live service” model by playing with others and microtransactions. But no story, gameplay, or release date details have been shared publicly.

Part of Microsoft’s Fight to Buy Activision

Microsoft faces a big lawsuit from the Federal Trade Commission over its plan to buy Activision Blizzard for $69 billion. As part of the legal process, Microsoft had to share confidential emails about Project Dragon.

Government Pushback on Xbox Exclusives

The merger faces pushback from regulators worried Microsoft could make games like the popular Call of Duty only for Xbox and PC Windows. The UK Competition and Markets Authority legally blocked the deal for up to 10 years and could pull Activision games from the UK if not approved.

Xbox Games Cheap – What’s Next for Project Dragon?

The few details on Project Dragon suggest it may be an action-fantasy RPG like Diablo. But no story, images, or gameplay have been shared publicly. A lot is still unknown about the game’s progress, features and release date.

More Games Might Become Public During the Fight

Microsoft’s legal fight may keep revealing more unannounced games as evidence. If approved, the Activision deal would greatly expand Microsoft’s library of exclusive games. But government opposition signals a long legal fight.

Project Dragon is Still Early in Development

In short, Project Dragon seems to be an early secret project from the Hitman game makers that was revealed because of Microsoft’s legal issues. More details will likely come out if and when the game gets closer to release.

Microsoft’s legal troubles could delay Project Dragon and IO Interactive’s other upcoming games. However, gamers have plenty of Xbox games cheap options to rely on while they wait, and a great option is It Takes Two.

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